The Nathan Larson Files

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Nathan wanting to hurt his daughter:
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Nathan Larson Campaign manifesto:
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Nathan larson on legalizing child exploitation:
Mother of Nathan owns his domains:
Wanting to hurt toddlers:
Wanting to screw a 3 year old:
Mother makes him drop out of the race:
Second wife accuses him of abuse:
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Zuzu Fleur
Zuzu Fleur 2 päivää sitten
@23:09 why the fuck don't you know how to say Adolf LOL
Bonnie 2 päivää sitten
So...I’m terrified of men even more now
The Lord Ov time
The Lord Ov time 6 päivää sitten
Ur right, the God of the Bible would want nothing to do with this sicko. When Nathan stands before our Heavenly Father on the day of judgment, he’ll be trembling in fear. Yahweh will without a doubt send Nathan to Hell.
A R 6 päivää sitten
Absolutely disgusting
Amy Shew
Amy Shew 6 päivää sitten
I wonder if any inmates showed him they “ loved” him on his jail stint ? If he was shown such “love” , I wonder if it all caused him to question his thoughts on “love.” I will never ok rape anywhere under any circumstances-but, if anyone was ever to fall victim , he seems like a good candidate. I know that’s messed up ,but it seems he needs to experience being “loved” by someone he doesn’t want to be “loved” by. Thanks for doing another dive deep,deep in the dog doo. He makes Onision seem tame , still dangerous and abusive, yet tame by comparison.
pikachulovable 6 päivää sitten
How can you be in harmony if you can’t consent?
pikachulovable 6 päivää sitten
Practicing killing things... great way to start the video 🤬
Avatar40k 7 päivää sitten
As someone who was raised in a christian household, this mans attempts at twisting the bible to fit his beliefs are disgusting. Your points raised as someone who was raised religious are 100% valid. Thank you for showing the world how disgusting this man is.
Tw0 Crows
Tw0 Crows 8 päivää sitten
The most baffling thing to me is, I mean did he think he would get any momentum or actually change any laws for anything he was proposing? The level of delusion is incredible
Dylan Faltisco
Dylan Faltisco 8 päivää sitten
How did this dude not get locked up EARLIER?!? Our government has a double standard wherein they lock you up or deplatform whatever they wanna call “hate speech” but pedos run rampant even on the main web!?!
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey 8 päivää sitten
As someone who wasn't planned to exist, I feel bad in general, even though I'm constantly showered in a "I love you, even if you disappoint me" and other things my parents think help me
mSa 9 päivää sitten
23:25 Maybe it's a bit too late but "lebensraum" translates to "living space" or "space to live in" i.e. expanding the german borders.
mSa 9 päivää sitten
sharleen 10 päivää sitten
Let those who have suffered at the hands of men and women like these deal with them. Watch them soon change their mind. thanks for the vid
ʟᴜꜰꜰʏ 11 päivää sitten
My cat was the only reason I got through this video without screaming
Some Person
Some Person 11 päivää sitten
I’m nauseous after listening to this
Teragauss Cuddle
Teragauss Cuddle 12 päivää sitten
"Normally, we don't give people with abhorrent views a platform in which to share ..." Oh really now ...? :|
Ash Farlow
Ash Farlow 12 päivää sitten
I can't believe we actually had people this evil openly run for public office.
Paige Gray
Paige Gray 13 päivää sitten
People like this make me want to support the death penalty.
Nova 13 päivää sitten
“How would you respond to a person like this? I’m asking my audience” *loads my pistol*
WildSage Diary
WildSage Diary 14 päivää sitten
Dude’s collar isn’t even out during the interview. Is this guy legit? I figured he’d be the kind of guy who took himself more seriously. But nvm. He’s a whole lot of crazy.
WAT 15 päivää sitten
Idk how much of common knowledge this is but this dude was caught tryna kidnap a 12 year old and is now in jail facing a life sentence. Hopefully they give it to him along with a complimentary death penalty on the house.
Allison Stevens
Allison Stevens 16 päivää sitten
Emilee Wilson
Emilee Wilson 17 päivää sitten
This shit makes me physically sick my stomach is on the floor. Who can think like this and try to justify it.
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold 19 päivää sitten
29:29 I thought he was gonna say his 10 years on this earth
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem 19 päivää sitten
“...views on children” Oh no. “Age of consent should be abolished” OH NO.
Zoe Hart-Moore
Zoe Hart-Moore 19 päivää sitten
Nice MP Beast Wars Megatron
Sarah Anne
Sarah Anne 20 päivää sitten
FIpost is so pro pedophile it’s unbelievable
Sarah Anne
Sarah Anne 20 päivää sitten
I love the Nicholas Cage note book
BlackWolf 275
BlackWolf 275 22 päivää sitten
It's not a surprise this guy uses the term "femoid" unironicly. This man needs to be on the other side of the world away from his daughter. "10 years away from being a teenager" SHE'S 3!!! JFC GUYS I'm livid
regi ne
regi ne 22 päivää sitten
Nathan larson is a nazi incel trump prolly Made him more comfortable to be his true disgusting self
sara Almusawy
sara Almusawy Uukausi sitten
See now I would never do this to anyone.... but I would pay good money to see this man get his ass kicked
MassivePonyFan Uukausi sitten
Chris-chan probably has more documentation.
Eva C
Eva C Uukausi sitten
He can have anything he wants with / from me with no limits at all! I surrender my life and body to any misogynistic, forceful, deviant, kinky, muscled criminal intent men. My kik is KinkyNymph23 if any kinky forceful men want to utilise my body for their pleasure. I’m young, Aussie, athletic, nympho who loves being used, abused, strangled, violated, degraded, objectified, etc. by criminals, sadistic, deviant, rough, forceful, aggressive men.
Trench Man
Trench Man Uukausi sitten
This Nathan is a coward and hes also pure evil. How can someone embrace how terrible they are like this? Its insane.
Human Being
Human Being Uukausi sitten
The contradictions are easy to explain. He supported whatever children’s freedoms he felt he was either deprived of, or whatever he might be able to easily exploit to commit and justify his deplorable desires. PSS: Later Day Saints rejecting any class of people, actually does them a favor, haha! Ironic.
Rust and Ribbons
Rust and Ribbons Uukausi sitten
I’m really curious to see his parents! Where this guy came from? I think he will very quickly know what “rape” is when it happens to him in prison while he screams no. They will love you long time.
Sleepydoqs Uukausi sitten
Another thing. Even when children are extremely young and they do get molested. A lot of the times children think sex is okay because the person who molested them taught them it was okay. and as children, they’re curious and they will begin to act out and “try things” thinking it’s okay and normal and it can evolve to.. some bad things and even disorders and have them struggle in the future. I have gone through this personally as I child and I went through years and years of meds and therapy and even went to a mental hospital because of it. it really can be something that ruins a child’s life or at least their childhood.
Sleepydoqs 20 päivää sitten
@booboo doodoo I’m actually not I just draw dogs? why does what I draw have anything to do with what I said?
booboo doodoo
booboo doodoo 20 päivää sitten
No wonder why you're a furry.
Jennifer Thatcher
Jennifer Thatcher Uukausi sitten
don't forget that the number 1 rapists in the world are DUCKS
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano Uukausi sitten
The people that are pushing pro pedophilia are on the left buddeh just look at new California laws lol
Ghost Water
Ghost Water Uukausi sitten
This man is literally everything you shouldn't be
William Kelly
William Kelly Uukausi sitten
This man is sick
Caitlin Hopkins
Caitlin Hopkins Uukausi sitten
Omg that dude... Im so glad, SO GLAD he is in jail. Good God.
Ghost Water
Ghost Water Uukausi sitten
Hopefully he stays there for a good long while
wendypuff Uukausi sitten
Dude was just running around with Joseph Fritzle as a screenname? We've checked his basement right??
Wojciech Orzechowski
Wojciech Orzechowski Uukausi sitten
Damn, this guy is so freaking sick!
rosestar1324 Uukausi sitten
Thank God he’s been arrested. Unfortunately he had to kidnap a 12 year old girl in order for him to finally be put behind bars. There’s more details in the link but he groomed the 12 year old girl and manipulated her into running away to come live with him. The authorities captured him at the airport after the girl’s friend tipped off the police about what was going down. The managed to save the girl within the same day she disappeared. They raided his house and found child porn and other disgusting things in his possession. His mother provided him with a credit card to buy the plane tickets and his dad attacked an officer that was searching Nathan’s house. The dad was arrested for the assault but the mom hasn’t been arrested as of Jan 8 of this year.
Inside The Mind Of An INFJ
Inside The Mind Of An INFJ Uukausi sitten
Omg no way. Ive been binge watching your videos and I absolutely love them because you speak alot of truth and stand up for what is right and expose evil. And i was thinking, I wonder if he is an INFJ like me, he really seems like an INFJ and I feel very likeminded to him. Then I decided to check your social media out. Instagram specifically and bam, it says you're an INFJ!! haha! that is awesome! 🙌 I guess I can sense my own kind 😄 now I'm gonna go follow you on there.
Joe Pettibone
Joe Pettibone Uukausi sitten
The 162 likes are from Nathan Larson
leo mazrekaj
leo mazrekaj Uukausi sitten
i’m sorry but i cant take my eyes off the lego box in the backround
Jay Bae
Jay Bae Uukausi sitten
Honestly of all the se/x crimes, inc/est is the least bad (as long as no child is conceived). If it's a parent and a child, that's pe/doph/ilia, and ra/pe, therefore still bad. If it's an older sibling forcing a younger sibling, hat's ra/pe, and still bad. But two adult siblings consenting, I really don't give a damn to be honest, I got other stuff going on. What's really concerning with this man is just the misogyny, the pro pe/do stuff, pretty much everything about him. Edit: I'm not saying I'm PRO in/cest. But if I have to choose one hill to die on in terms of s/ex crimes, it wouldn't be that.
Sophia Askins
Sophia Askins Uukausi sitten
The 162 dislikes are all child diddlers
VR Hub
VR Hub Uukausi sitten
This guy is Twitters worst nightmare
Anna Uukausi sitten
I absolutely love when men try and tell women what they think and how their brains are wired 😒
CdenX Uukausi sitten
I refuse to believe this guy actually exists i'm in denial
Danielle P
Danielle P Uukausi sitten
It's too bad he wasn't successful in offing himself.
Ino ry
Ino ry Uukausi sitten
uhm what the fuck?
Sonny Sullivan
Sonny Sullivan Uukausi sitten
He's been arrested now! Thank fuck.
Nick at night
Nick at night Uukausi sitten
He was arrested in December 2020, and if convicted, he faces life in prison with a chance of parole. He faces felony charges in Fresno County, California, for kidnapping, child abduction, soliciting child pornography from a minor, and meeting a child for the intention of sex. He also is charged with a misdemeanor for harboring a minor in Denver, where he was arrested. Anyone who has ever had inappropriate contact with Nathan Larson is asked to contact Pursell at 559-600-8029 or or Sgt. Chad Stokes at 559-600-8144 or
Roscoe P. Coltrane
Roscoe P. Coltrane Uukausi sitten
FYI - Joseph Smith wasn't a racist; he was an abolitionist, and the that's the main reason the Mormons were driven out of Missouri. Joseph Smith conferred the priesthood on a Black man also; that became a point of contention after he was murdered. But Blacks were never unwelcome in Mormon congregations. As for the treatment of women, that's a can of worms that I'm not going to get into on a FIpost reply. But as for Blacks, you mischaracterized Mormons and Joseph Smith.
x2Palex Uukausi sitten
This is upsetting that there's someone like this in the world
MattyG27 Uukausi sitten
Jesus this guy is really f*cked up. You have too have big f*cking balls too be this damn disgusting. Edit: AND HE HAVES A DAUGHTER!?!?!?....OH CMON!!!!. I...HOPE...TO...GOD! CPS REMOVED THAT CHILD OF HIS HOME. JESUS F*CKING CHRIST.
Kim Chi
Kim Chi Uukausi sitten
Did you see CA passed 2 bills essentially allowing pedophilia?
R. Taylor
R. Taylor Uukausi sitten
he's just your typical libertarian
Makayla Eberly
Makayla Eberly Uukausi sitten
Lock him up
bNe_Baby Uukausi sitten
Somebody drop this bald ass niggas addy & im on that midnight action
Sahrāzād Uukausi sitten
He comes across like he is playing a joke at his own expense
Leona Eckert
Leona Eckert Uukausi sitten
I hate that this man is running as a member of the libertarian party. Shit like this is the only time I'm happy that libertarians hardly ever come into office.
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce Uukausi sitten
My question is, how did he even have kids?
not chyla
not chyla Uukausi sitten
As a child with a family that is already pretty fucked up, words cannot describe my anger toward someone as dumb as this I feel like I could kick his ass and still feel like it wasn't enough, because I was raised by some unstable and crazy people I just want to kick the shit out of some people and there's nothing wrong with that.... I don't think 😐 So I just always want to find the people who make my bottled up emotions worse and tell them how much I fucking dispise them, because I talk a lot faster than I do type. Because no one understands how I feel when I am typing they just think I am processing my emotions. As a part of the gay community he must be out of his damn mind to think pedophilia is a sexual orientation.
109367 Uukausi sitten
Seems like he lived on the internet and surrounded himself with too many cheerleaders to the point he thought his opinions were normal and was probably surprised when normal, real people were against him
M R Uukausi sitten
the fact that a whole 159 people disliked this video makes me want to vom
Karanaki _
Karanaki _ Uukausi sitten
someone needs to show this man femdom porn, I would pay money to watch his reaction
James Thomas
James Thomas Uukausi sitten
Listening to this guy's views depresses me
James Thomas
James Thomas Uukausi sitten
What is that book he keeps showing
Dustin Stich
Dustin Stich Uukausi sitten
Lol "trigger warning" after you show their triggers
Kai [redacted]
Kai [redacted] Uukausi sitten
Josef Fritzl r*ped his own daughter repeatedly and kept her locked up for 24 years. to see that Larson has his name as an Alias is *sickening*
Chill Toad
Chill Toad Uukausi sitten
So he fully supports children’s rights to do whatever an adult can, yet also supports the right to a fathers ownership of his own daughters virginity? Make it make sense.
SheoulGra *
SheoulGra * Uukausi sitten
Funny that nathan larson thinks he is masculine... no boy you are not...
YLI Sim Uukausi sitten
Oh God I got to get some ear bleach after this video
YLI Sim Uukausi sitten
Woah holy shit dude! This guy sounds terrible! Threatening to kill Obama wanting to legalize rape of kids. Wtf this doesn't even sound like reality anymore
OrangeOak Uukausi sitten
Good News: He’s been arrested and is actually being charged with crimes against a minor, and will likely have to face justice for forums and things he’s said and made such as rapey. Bad News: It took him actually kidnapping a 12 year old girl to get him arrested. He was found at an airport with her, touching her inappropriately IN PUBLIC, and police suspect this was not the first time he had done this. At least he’s going to jail. Here’s hoping he winds up in Gen Pop.
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
''human''wrong.That's a demon from hell.
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
guess he likes them ''straight out of the womb''. monster!
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
he is gross and crazy.obviously a 12yr old *can't* ''consent''. thery'e a literal *child.*
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
why teens?is it because he can manipulate them and he *likes* that?! 😷💩
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
what?! *none* of them ''can consent'',and none of them are developed adults . This guy is sick.
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
''photos,starting when she was a baby''what the hell?!what a creep!😷💩
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
he's talking about his DAUGHTER like that.....that's disgusting.
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
that dude is sick,sick,sick.
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
''life is all about the fight for existance''yeah,and it's also about protecting children from evil creeps.....
aporue 589
aporue 589 Uukausi sitten
totally disgusting.
Salsa Atrocities B
Salsa Atrocities B Uukausi sitten
Just found this channel....DEEP NOW.
Sibgha Rather
Sibgha Rather Uukausi sitten
Good news guys. It’s regrettable that it had to come to Nathan kidnapping a minor but he has been arrested. He will be charged this Friday with few felony charges. We will possibly get life in prison with the possibility of parole. Search for an update and for more updated/deep insight to this community go to Belle DeMasi.
Danni Wolfe
Danni Wolfe Uukausi sitten
He should have ran for president. He and trump would have been friends
Candy Man
Candy Man Uukausi sitten
Why did his name have to be Nathan -_-
mennoknight78 Uukausi sitten
He lives with his parents. I'm really curious what kinds of conversations him and and his parents have over dinner...
Max Fischer
Max Fischer Uukausi sitten
b r u h
Coconuthut 604
Coconuthut 604 Uukausi sitten
Im so glad that excuse of a human is in jail now, hope he rots in that cell.
My name Is dead to me
My name Is dead to me Uukausi sitten
Holy fuck let's play a game called how many mac 10 barrels can fit in his mouth I'm getting so tired of pedos that if I come face to face with one I'm filling them with lead. I have litterally had to purchase a handgun specifically to protect my little sister and niece because my city currently is having a problem with sex trafficking, so bad infact we have 70 new missing persons cases in the past 2 days, it's bad enough that I dont have to ask to come along to watch over them, they ASK me to come because THEY are afraid, they wont go if I don't. this is an unacceptable state of the world where your little sister asks you to come with her to the store because she knows she will be safe while you are armed she shouldn't have to feel like she is in danger just going to the store. It makes me fucking furious and sick
yaboi lol
yaboi lol 2 kuukautta sitten
Nathan is a degenerate
DECADE_XP 2 kuukautta sitten
He's Lower than that
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