Re: You've Destroyed Me | Onision In Real Life Ep. 2

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Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 päivää sitten
They’re making themselves obsolete by going after the FIpostrs & engaging in click bait. The ONLY THING that the mainstream media has over new tech is the trust & reputation built up over decades of reporting & they’ve all but destroyed that by trying to get down in the muck so they can fling it at the competition
Tori Gray
Tori Gray 4 päivää sitten
I found out about all of this through the discovery+ docuseries. Needless to say, I thought they left A LOT of information out of it. I ended up watching one of your main videos over Onision and found out way more than the docuseries ever went into. It actually really sucks that the docuseries barely scrapes the surface. The victims deserved more than that.
Tori Gray
Tori Gray 4 päivää sitten
Not to mention they treated the victims in the series so wrong. If someone doesn’t give consent, respect should be given!
kotesha husted
kotesha husted 5 päivää sitten
Chris Hanson used everyone for $$
GunsGuts Glory Atv
GunsGuts Glory Atv 5 päivää sitten
I can’t wait today that Gregg Onisin gets locked up
Teresa Horner
Teresa Horner 6 päivää sitten
I always thought Shiloh was a hot mess and she continues to prove she is. Lots of people go through trauma, including me. We've taken back our lives and dealt with our demons to become strong individuals. Shiloh is going to implode.
RayGe FdZ
RayGe FdZ 7 päivää sitten
I bet Chris Hansen is gonna do the same thing with the Dahvie Vanity story
Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown 9 päivää sitten
oh what.. Eugiene spoke out on it? I want to watch it now. His comedy on her was one of the worst things I saw him do.
Caleb 13 päivää sitten
Why do you make videos on onision? Do people really spend their time watching content about that moron????
Debbie Elyea Elyea
Debbie Elyea Elyea 14 päivää sitten
I love you and the way you lay out your platforms. Keep up the excellent work. You rock!!!!
n0etic Fox
n0etic Fox 14 päivää sitten
Okay, the first thing is that I do see the difference in these people as it is obviously abuser V abused but I The Onision Files are uploaded against the expressed wishes of Onision. He has even filed legal action against Repzion multiple times so I am guessing the objection is just moral. So... I get the respect angle but this all could be found by anyone that wants to find it. So I have to wonder did they reveal anything? Sure it is more public now but have they actually revealed anything? All of this is known, my mom has a subscription and has seen this and watched part of episode 1 just to see if this was "That jackass [I] talked about that rated underage girls?" as she knew the name Onision but did not know why. She could tell he was and nothing new is revealed by the documentary as far as I know. So it the disagreement just that this is more public? Perhaps I am just too detached to be angry about what has been done by the documentary but isn't all this already known?
Arm Collector
Arm Collector 16 päivää sitten
I heard the documentary was not worth watching from enough ppl to not watch it what so ever!!
Eugenia 'I'm Sorry Your Feel That Way' Cooney
Eugenia 'I'm Sorry Your Feel That Way' Cooney 17 päivää sitten
I'm not here to victim blame, but don't put your legal issues on Twitter. That's where all this went wrong. The girls should've just went to the police from the start. They didn't need to be getting "interviewed" by youtubers, it wasn't gonna get anything done.
Shelli Schwengler
Shelli Schwengler 19 päivää sitten
I can't stand Chris Hansen.
Muneera Khair
Muneera Khair 20 päivää sitten
Hi. I am a survivor five times being assaulted and every single time I see just one more documentary show that blurs the faces, or puts people in shadow, or puts a black box over their eyes it just really make me angry. I was considering getting a Discovery+ subscription, but now I AM NOT.
Quinn 20 päivää sitten
No means no isn’t just for sex.
Reacting to Reacts
Reacting to Reacts 20 päivää sitten
I’m confused... aren’t almost all these stories on FIpost? If so then their stories are already out there.
Miss Riley
Miss Riley 24 päivää sitten
Now Onion is trying desperately to turn the tables and insists Shiloh got revenge because he "rejected" her.... lmao you just can't make this shit up, Onion NEVER learns, he has no capability for self reflection or taking accountability, he's really going to try to put this all on the young women he narcissistically abused. Typical Narcissist.
Mike Holland
Mike Holland 24 päivää sitten
Shylo has always seemed like a nasty selfish kind of person to me
Kristan Stewart
Kristan Stewart Uukausi sitten
Their experience wasn’t told’s blasted all over FIpost
Cack Pipes
Cack Pipes Uukausi sitten
Honestly, the whole idea of the doc was just a terrible idea from the start. I understand spreading awareness but at the same time they're giving him all the attention he wants at the same time. The media loves giving criminals a "platform"; just look at the way they talk about school shooters or how they called the Christmas bomber "a lone wolf" when it was just an act of terrorism. I've noticed as well that this really seems to be an American issue too.
Camie Chaos
Camie Chaos Uukausi sitten
What made you know they were lying when they assured you they would be sharing her story without consent? Bullet dodged indeed!
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne Uukausi sitten
Shiloh should've never talked about Sarah, Billie or Regina. That was fucked up and she should apologize. This wasn't her place to mention anyone else's trauma. I can see where she was coming from, highlighting Greg's track record, but she never asked for consent from other victims. On a positive note, Shiloh been through so much trauma and abuse but she has rebuilt and rebranded herself into something she loves. She seems to be taking care of her body and her mental health and I am incredibly happy to see her doing better and moving towards change. Greg cannot take her life away from her. He failed. She won.
Problem Addict
Problem Addict Uukausi sitten
I stg id sue discovery, she literally did not consent and has the full ability to sue those fucks.
Emma Howells
Emma Howells Uukausi sitten
Sounds like you did more research than the documentary people, as how they done this is awful & they should be ashamed to themselves. Exactly Daniel, good thing you didn't do this documentary as you never know what they would have said or how they would have portrayed you Daniel.
alisha f
alisha f Uukausi sitten
this beef has literally gone on longer than some historical wars😭
Cali Hinojosa
Cali Hinojosa Uukausi sitten
My biggest issue with this documentary is that there is loads of content and other instances of Onision being scummy that they could have talked about instead of talking about victims who did not consent. Like they briefly show content point to violations of service but there was so much more they could have uncovered. They didn’t even talk about court.
ryan bambi
ryan bambi Uukausi sitten
I hate documentaries now a days,
Lisa Anne
Lisa Anne Uukausi sitten
The only exploitation I see is this dragged on clickbait rant....
C Uukausi sitten
Onision demonetized permanently by FIpost (apparently) as a response to the documentary 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀
Half-time Hero
Half-time Hero Uukausi sitten
Why is there a slight angle on these videos?
Atma Uukausi sitten
Do you know how contracts work
Slasher Fitness
Slasher Fitness Uukausi sitten
Not everyone that smiles at you is a friend; Hansen's actions have spoken his true intentions.
RZ Uukausi sitten
ONISION DEMONETIZED thanks to Chris Hansen! Hansen kept his promise! In just over ONE year Chris Hansen did more for the victims than all the drama tubers who made money off of the victims for TEN years. THANK YOU CHRIS HANSEN!!!
Danielle Yvette
Danielle Yvette Uukausi sitten
I’ve been saying, tv is a dying form of media. It’s no surprise at all that the conclusion is against youtubers, instead of what it claimed to be about. What an absolute shame.
Julia Lebel
Julia Lebel Uukausi sitten
You're the third (or something) FIpostr I've seen who are mentioning Sarah's name, covering the story. Not that it matters, considering the 'anonymity' she was offered.
Hellish Hybrid
Hellish Hybrid Uukausi sitten
Quick question: Before they came back out of the woodwork you made videos about each of these girls too. Including videos of them. And I'm fairly sure you never asked for consent either. How are you any better?
Narutard19 Uukausi sitten
You did the right thing by refusing to participate. Your series was way better, in depth and informative with a non-bias opinion.
Hellish Hybrid
Hellish Hybrid Uukausi sitten
And it accomplished nothing. Meanwhile Hansen makes a documentary and the same month it airs Greg is completely demonetized. Hansen's may not have been as well done, but it's been far more effective.
Cory PowerCat
Cory PowerCat Uukausi sitten
Chris is dirty.
mean he
mean he Uukausi sitten
Which victims of onision and lainey/“kai” specifically were “outed” in that program? Because I have to say, there is not one of the victims who were presented in the program that I hadn’t already heard the story of, either on FIpost or on Google, and I watched all three episodes. There was not too much new in it, other than hearing from onision’s father, the sheriff, and some other ancillary persons.
No Wire Hangers
No Wire Hangers Uukausi sitten
You ALL profited off the Onions bad behaviour for years.
Sally Swope
Sally Swope Uukausi sitten
I just saw a discovery ad that had the Onision documentary as it’s like “prime content to reel people in”. Gross.
just a sub
just a sub Uukausi sitten
Can't wait for your video on Onision's goodbye video!!!
Savannah Leigh
Savannah Leigh Uukausi sitten
I hope you're going to make a comment on the last episode because they do use your voice in one of the most critical opinions of Chris Hansen.
Julia Uukausi sitten
They didnt even bother altering Sarah's voice. They barely blurred her face, left her hair and body visible and showed the clips of the interview she did with Hansen on his channel. Anyone who watches this and is the slightest bit curious, will see Hansen interviewing her, go to his channel and ta-da, Sarah's face. They really deserved to be sued Oh and it was amazing to find out that none of us hated greg, in fact, we all loved his content and were big fans until 2019 when Chris began covering it. I could of sworn repzion and the amazing athiest and about a billion other people covered onision in a negative light but apparently i was wrong, we were all team greg until hansen showed us the light. Oh where would we be now, if Hansen didnt save us all. Perhaps we would all be wearing banana costumes while praising Onion boys genius content What the hell discovery 🤬
I Tried
I Tried Uukausi sitten
I dont know if you'll ever see this, but I would love to see you react to my videos "what I learned being white" and "white culture pt2" as a white man in Washington state as well and what you learned in school vs my experiences as a white American woman in Washington state as well
Matt Uukausi sitten
Honestly the documentary sucked ass
Witcher Crafts
Witcher Crafts Uukausi sitten
The longer this thing continues, the move I believe that Shiloh is a hypocrite and is only seeking attention to further her career.
Shimmer n Shine
Shimmer n Shine Uukausi sitten
Shiloh really fucked this whole thing up
Jennifer Khan
Jennifer Khan Uukausi sitten
Stop milking this are a slug
rockingreject Uukausi sitten
Can we just go back to happy times like when Greg wore a bullet proof vest to his flop of a court hearing where he tried to sue the wrong Chris Hanson?
Marissa Landers
Marissa Landers Uukausi sitten
Why would you not want to go on tv? Don't they want to expose onision ? I'd personally be all for it , the more people you have telling your stories the more likely people are to take the stories and accusations seriously. If they want him to pay for what he'd done then go on tv and expose him! I exposed the guy who sexually assulted me in high school and it felt amazing, people really saw how bad he was as a person, once I did.
Hayleigh Vitagliano
Hayleigh Vitagliano Uukausi sitten
Will you be commenting on Onision’s video about the documentary?
Pony Decay
Pony Decay Uukausi sitten
Its an open secret that investigation discovery does not care about victims and their stories. A lot of victims/survivors have said they did not want what happened to them on national television and the company would a) have someone tell their story for them or b) hire actors to portray them. Im not surprised that this happened in this documentary. The whole thing is a train wreck.
ronalddonlogin Uukausi sitten
Onision is a sad and sick person that needs a lot of help. He doesn’t just throw up all of these red flags every time he opens his mouth, he IS one giant red flag. It doesn’t really matter if this documentary was good or bad because it just gives him exposure, which is something that he seems so desperate to obtain and hold on to.
Gehenna Uukausi sitten
I'm not surprised Discovery/Investigation Discovery did that tbh. They really do NOT do research and I notice they tend to skew things to get more views. One of the most notable ones for me BEFORE this Onision thing was their 1980s: The Deadliest Decade show. The show featured an episode about the murder of Betty Gore and they literally made it seem like the only victim was her husband who was torn between a cruel, jealous, abusive, sexually frigid woman and a sex-addicted, obsessed, scorned lover. They literally victimblamed Betty SOOO bad. They said if she hadn't been so frigid and uninterested in sex, her husband wouldn't have had to cheat and how insanely jealous she was and all this. Basically said she caused her own death and everything.
The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Uukausi sitten
You’re looking really healthy and really great lately Rep!! Keep it up!
Dank American
Dank American Uukausi sitten
Joysparklebs is back lol
Youtubers Behaving Badly
Youtubers Behaving Badly Uukausi sitten
Why are these FIpostrs going crazy. They have all been doing the exact same thing as Chris Hansen. Smug narcissistic FIpostrs making money off the victims back, pointing out others faults are now crying foul play when someone else does it.
Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder Uukausi sitten
I didn't watch the doc but was more said than the victims already stated on a Puplic forum or to Chris Hanson on his channel? If not than they already conscented. Their story is already out there I mean.....
aFaceInside Uukausi sitten
The victim's privacy has already been splattered world wide by the internet and the FIpost drama. Maybe FIpostrs need to grow up and do a collaborate another documentary.
Natasha Bulmer
Natasha Bulmer Uukausi sitten
Shiloh is a has-been and is only going this to stay relevant
Natasha Bulmer
Natasha Bulmer Uukausi sitten
@Hellish Hybrid saying it that way yea I can understand cause I'm a bitch about stuff like that. But it still doesn't make it right at all.
Hellish Hybrid
Hellish Hybrid Uukausi sitten
@Natasha Bulmer Didn't say that she deserved to no, but think of it from her perspective. She probably thought the other girls had her back, then abandined her at zero hour. So she decided "to hell with them" and went forward on their own. I can kinda understand.
Natasha Bulmer
Natasha Bulmer Uukausi sitten
@Hellish Hybrid so because she was "abused more" she deserves to share others stories. No. That doesn't mean she gets to put out other victims stories. Its not acceptable
Hellish Hybrid
Hellish Hybrid Uukausi sitten
@Natasha Bulmer Keep in mind that Shiloh was probably abused a lot more than the other girls. She's absolutely dead set on seeing Greg get what's soming to him.
Natasha Bulmer
Natasha Bulmer Uukausi sitten
@Hellish Hybrid cowards for not wanting to go on a documentary on THEIR trauma. Its disgusting they told the other girls stories without their permission
Ivy is Dead
Ivy is Dead Uukausi sitten
I feel like you kind of need to at least mention the stories of at least Sara and Billie, because they are pivotal moments on the Onision story. As reporting goes, you kind of have to approach some stuff, no matter what. The big problem i see is HOW they've done it. Dont put Shiloh on the task to tell these things. Have cards or a narrator explain the story in general terms, dont use their names, dont use footage of them. I dont care it was blurred, you should not do it. And in the end, add that said victims, when contacted, did not want to be a part of the documentary. A real journalist might be able to explain better how to do this in a ethical manner, but even a layman as myself can see, they did not do it in a ethical way. Not to mention that SOMEONE has profited off of said stories, which they did not have the consent to do. So that's disgusting.
apocalypseap Uukausi sitten
Your microphone is peaking dude.
The Businesswoman 23
The Businesswoman 23 Uukausi sitten
Retelling someone's story, especially when there's trauma involved, is a complete breach of trust and human decency in general. 😑 Even if the situation is portrayed mostly "accurately", it is not someone else's story to tell. For instance, my mom talks about my sexual assault all the time to her friends, trying to squeeze out some pity for herself, and it brings up those invasive and traumatic flashbacks, every single time. 😕 I am in a custody battle (going to trial) against my assailant , because he is fighting me for custody of "our" child (the innocent, wonderful child that was concieved during the drugging&assault itself) . Supposedly in a month, he will have full custody of my son, ALL because he has an expensive private lawyer. While I have a public defender who has completely been incompetent and has not submitted even 1 piece of documentation of the abuse and my full emotional recovery , even though I have repeatedly sent it to her since almost 1 year ago. I am quite literally losing my child because I don't have legal representation and I'm not qualified to represent myself. I have no arrest/criminal record, no cps/dcf involvement ever, and I have a fiance and a 2 year old (half brother of the child involved) that I have lived with for almost 5 years now. I do have severe ptsd from a few different traumas. Including the assault and stalking perpetrated by my sons biodad. Once he gets full custody, I honeslty don't know how I'll emotionally handle having to go thru him, just to be able to even see my child. I may be separated from him for a long time before I can even see or talk to him again. I am absolutely broken by this all. ❤Sorry for rambling , this situation the victims have been put thru really stirred up some emotions I deal with on a daily basis. I never want anyone else to go thru the pain I have felt. I hope these girls get justice, i really do. ❤
Raznovrsna Videoteka
Raznovrsna Videoteka Uukausi sitten
The documentary is terribly done. I watched his reaction also and he kinda had a point. Most of the stuff that they showed, he had a proof that is a lie. I hate the facts that people will jump on his side because of this stupid documentary.
aFaceInside Uukausi sitten
FIpost is a world wide platform, so the logic of national TV being worse is invalid! Greg belongs in prison and away from women!
Miranda Canaday
Miranda Canaday Uukausi sitten
I’m so disgusted and unfortunately not surprised.
The Vault The Official Channel
The Vault The Official Channel Uukausi sitten
Onision needs to go to jail.
ToySoldier Nerio
ToySoldier Nerio Uukausi sitten
If y'all want a deeper deep dive, cecil mcfly has a multi part hours long series going over every detail.
kingshiq -
kingshiq - Uukausi sitten
for someone who didn't like being victimized, Shiloh, she sure is ok with revictimizing the victims, by disregarding their consent
The Gilman
The Gilman Uukausi sitten
I feel where you're coming from but ultimately it doesn't make sense. You either want them to tell everything or you don't. You either want the truth or you don't. In your review of the first one you bemoaned that they excluded elements and twisted truths but here you wanted them to exclude elements and, by default, have to twist the truth. Fact is, there is no safety in reporting. If someone is brutally murdered the news won't exclude that detail to spare people's feelings. They'll say someone was brutally murdered.
Jim Shonk
Jim Shonk Uukausi sitten
I wonder what it will take for it to finally dawn on young folks, the leftist hollywood elites are everything they claim to hate , their hair trigger outrage is nothing more than an outward manifestation of who they really are, its like the biggest perverts in the world telling us how awful perverts are
Kaylee Leeferink
Kaylee Leeferink Uukausi sitten
Liked at the precise moment you talked about sharing the video with all the people before
ShenZai Uukausi sitten
BoredmomsArt Uukausi sitten
In my opinion Shiloh is a victim turned abuser and uses her trauma as a weapon to stay above critique
Holly Nicole
Holly Nicole Uukausi sitten
loving the newish background dude looks awesome
Chole Foster
Chole Foster Uukausi sitten
I was really hoping they’d get into his past more and his fucking CULT that he invented
arixandra Uukausi sitten
I wish there was a way to spread more awareness about Discovery and Chris Hanson’s actions cause this is disgusting. They’re using the victims and it’s disgusting.
Anime/cosplay trash
Anime/cosplay trash Uukausi sitten
It's so funny how onision has comments turned off on the videos
Kelli Cline
Kelli Cline Uukausi sitten
This is going to be unpopular but here goes. Their stories have already been told. The stories are public. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. You can't go on endless live streams, make numerous videos and public social media posts telling your story then backtrack. It's already in the realm of public knowledge. The only thing they did by not participating is give up what little control they had left. I have no animosity towards the girls but they made their personal stories public. They actively amplified and shared their experiences. Not to mention it's quite hypocritical to come after those connected to the documentary. Onions first wife Skye and her sister( I can't remember her name) really kept a low profile and didn't speak on much. They've had their "story" told, e-mails and private correspondence read by numerous FIpostrs without any consent given or participation. Should we be mad at everyone who has done so? The idea that it's wrong to tell/talk about a public story without "consent" is just disingenuous.
Smoker Lady
Smoker Lady Uukausi sitten
Shiloh was a victim, won't deny that, but now she's kind of a manipulative person driven by money tbh, not a criminal but a crappy person for saying things against the consent of others.
Dimitra P.
Dimitra P. Uukausi sitten
I don’t think the issue here is a matter of privacy, of someone ‘telling their experiences’ for them, etc. All of the girls have already shared all of this info online, multiple times. The issue here is that the girls didn’t want to be included in this particular medium. They didn’t want to be in this show. The producers should have respected that.
kai-sama Uukausi sitten
As a survivor the one thing I sought religiously was control, some form of it in any fashion to cling to because I lost it when I was assaulted. Part of my control was opening up, as a survivor this is such a key part in our experience is learning to trust and learning to release some of the control we searched for after the trauma. For someone to steal their peace again and share something they didn’t want is violation to the highest degree. And sadly this is going to possibly hurt their progress and become something else they have to heal from. I wish these wonderful people peace during this.
christina green
christina green Uukausi sitten
Wow, went down the Onision worm hole today, after watching the documentary . Ive watched alot about him now from so many FIpostrs who don't like him 😳 ... YOU Should of made this documentary though .. far more facts! ( and receipts ) That also dispute his "Onisionspeaks" come backs to it all .. and you did that a year ago on your " the Onision files ".... AND before.... Good job!!! if people who don't know facts & watch your channel.. they can find truth out ... yuk it's all so scummy in Onisions toxic world. Much love to all those ever involved or affected by him.. Repzion, new subsciber, loving your work...
AmiMizuno Uukausi sitten
In real life this has happened before. So sadly this is a good thing their stories are being shown . Many victims didn't want to go to court on abusive yet their stories are still told despite wanted it not to be.
Marianne Gary
Marianne Gary Uukausi sitten
You gotta do a comparison of onision and Kieth Raniere, the guy that just got 120 years for leading a sex cult. Onision seems to want to be a mini Kieth Raniere, yet he’s failing
mochiisyum123 Uukausi sitten
There's a reason why only Shiloh did the doc out of the girls. She gives me bad vibes and is a documented liar
mochiisyum123 Uukausi sitten
I wanna say they did the bare minimum of research possible but that's like saying Chris Hansen did anything more than take other's words and research and act like it was his work 🙃
Alex Muzychko
Alex Muzychko Uukausi sitten
Omg I’m so tired of being about Onision can you please make other content 😒🥱
Gia Lovely
Gia Lovely Uukausi sitten
You do realize all the girls have been caught lying as Onision has spoken to cops and gave them receipts. Go to his page. Shiloh is a psychopath legit...: go check it out SHILOH LIED!!
Jermaine Lemont
Jermaine Lemont Uukausi sitten
Discovery+? Hmmmm...onion man is now on TV. 🤔 I don't watch TV. Internet for the WIN! WOW! A documentary! 👀👀👁️👁️👁️👀👀
Sea Snake Sarius
Sea Snake Sarius Uukausi sitten
It's never gonna be okay what they did, using stuff without consent.
Hellish Hybrid
Hellish Hybrid Uukausi sitten
Isn't that exactly what Repzion and others did before any of them came back? Fairly sure Daniel never asked Shiloh's permission before making the video about her memory loss.
Micah Damsgard
Micah Damsgard Uukausi sitten
I understand how bad it was that they shared Sarah's story, but I was surprised that they didn't mention how Kai was her legal guardian. I wish that there was consent involved and I wish that detail was mentioned because it's huge. I'm glad that they are mentioning how Kai was dangerous too. It would be interesting if they could get him to interview since Onision didn't want to, because we haven't heard from him in a year. I know nothing about where he or their kids/dog are right now and that kinda scares me.
Pulp Girl
Pulp Girl Uukausi sitten
The problem with the “it’s bringing more awareness to this issue” argument, and CreepshowArt said this, is that it’s behind the paywall of Discovery plus. If this was on regular television or Netflix which way more people have access to, maybe this argument would make sense but idk. The whole thing just feels like a cash grab for Chris Hansen to make himself relevant again.
Elizabeth Evenson
Elizabeth Evenson Uukausi sitten
yeah, they have the FIRST ep on ID (it's basic cable here idk about where you're at), but i'm not interested in paying for streaming, especially for something that pretty much everybody is saying has some significant consent violations as far as "these victims/survivors didn't want this much of their experience IN this". (I'm a survivor. How much people want to tell about their abuse should be THEIR choice and it does not sound like that's true in the second two eps.)
ANGELIQUE Uukausi sitten
Daniel, Is your channel under some kind of attack from FIpost? My subscription to your channel, has been cancelled now twice, by FIpost. I was wondering why there were no updates from you, and when I checked, I was no longer subscribed to your channel. I find it weird. One time, okay, twice? No way!
Kitty Estes
Kitty Estes Uukausi sitten
Onision is an obnoxious ahole but one time I brought him up to a girl around here in Seattle and she was like I've known Greg for years and all that stuff is bullshit he is actually amazing........I was taken back because I thought everyone hated him like me lol
Phil Albert
Phil Albert Uukausi sitten
Why are you obsessed with that loser? Just ask him out already
Gwensberg Uukausi sitten
Shiloh is full of it s***. I’m very disappointed in her. She should be ashamed of herself.
Keith Jones
Keith Jones Uukausi sitten
Mark my words
Mark my words Uukausi sitten
Hiya mate , big fan of your work on dangerous guys around women and human p.o.s's ....I have been trying to expose a guy who really is a piece of work he really is , his name is seasideMark and I have a video on my channel calling him out cos he is a danger to women , I really would like to expose him on a wider scale as his stalking and online abuse and irl abouse is ramping up , and ideas or any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance .mark 👍
Mark my words
Mark my words Uukausi sitten is the link to my video on seasideMark he is a p o s is so frustrating .....mark 👍
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