Onision In Real Life Documentary Response.... Ep. 1

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Repzion Uukausi sitten
I do realize the audio is a bit funky, I just g ot the GOXLR audio interface. I upgraded after 6 years of the UX2, next video audio will be better tweaked. Thanks for watching guys!
Junk Male
Junk Male 23 päivää sitten
Try turning your input volume up while putting a bit more difference between you and the mic. Voice test and pay attention to your meters while you talk.... My ears hear like you can bring up your gate a bit and the compression seems a bit tight. But I'm listening through my monitors and you have yours. Doesn't sound bad, just needing some tweeking.
CommandShep06 24 päivää sitten
@444 COLUMBUS 444 IS BACK lol hey Greg it’s u again
Art7220 Uukausi sitten
Repzion apparently blacked out DuckDuckGo links where to see this. You'll have to go seek this yourself. Not on Roku TV or OTA.
ACE IN THE COLE99 Uukausi sitten
Yeah being called anything him is funny to me!!! I like how you handle that!!!
Bunnyboo3419 Uukausi sitten
Oh I thought it was my headphones LOL
KAT 2 päivää sitten
I hated onion boi the first day i found him..... why did all this justice take so long....
P L 5 päivää sitten
🙏 for docu!!!! My “dad’s” a monster, gotten away w/anything he wanted. An ex 2. U give hope all have 2 answer 4 their own choices someday. I don’t GOS if only ugly replys, some real monsters beside us, & unless U been there, UDK. The more shared, the more light shines
adam buettner
adam buettner 5 päivää sitten
He came into that court room with a bullet proof vest!!😆😆😆😆😆
Whispering Jack
Whispering Jack 8 päivää sitten
Lala 9 päivää sitten
Honestly I first heard about Onision around 2012 because he was in an article about the biggest villains on FIpost. People already hated him back then.
Sunshsoph Prd. 0
Sunshsoph Prd. 0 10 päivää sitten
Chris Hansen invented a TV show along with the police. all to save children from predators, he ended up gaining a POWERFUL group of enemies, and they are attacking Hansen relentlessly
Sandie Natasja
Sandie Natasja 10 päivää sitten
But now I’ve seen 100 videos of you tubers trying to get each canceled What is all that about Seriously 😳 It’s like a bully platform
Alyssa Kennett-Wilson
Alyssa Kennett-Wilson 14 päivää sitten
That is insane, who acts like that 😂😂
WildSage Diary
WildSage Diary 14 päivää sitten
5:05 The cat: okay, but what’s in here tho?
piklelion666 15 päivää sitten
I can’t believe oniongoblin thinks it’s possible to just sue the entire NASDAQ.
lovin life
lovin life 17 päivää sitten
CH didn't start this narrative.... He used the info that you guys got and didn't even do the research himself. That's all he did... Use y'alls info and take advantage of survivors stories.
lovin life
lovin life 17 päivää sitten
"You sued the wrong Chris Hansen" 🤣🤣
jen d.
jen d. 20 päivää sitten
He wasn't be "sarcastic" lol. He was being thoughtless while speaking in hyperbole and clearly thinks his audience is idiotic.
Carla xox
Carla xox 22 päivää sitten
@repzion, do you have noiste gate on your mic cuz it sounds a little too high x
Alex Kess
Alex Kess 23 päivää sitten
We stan Repzion
Alia Ris
Alia Ris 23 päivää sitten
The part "it wasn't until Chris Hansen's FIpost story" finally got changed into "until the women speak out" (or something like that, I forgot the exact words). Still though, "overwhelmingly supportive"?? It sounds as if Greg was somekind of visionary super creative content creator that changed FIpost forever.
MadManMike 24 päivää sitten
The only thing I disagree with is iNabber deserving any credit. He just waits around for everyone else to dig up the info and makes videos LONG after that information is well know and established.
Miss Riley
Miss Riley 24 päivää sitten
A narcissist never learns. He could be rotting in prison and insist that he's only there because the internet is bullying him. My mother has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is exactly the same way, I had to go no contact for my own safety a decade ago and she STILL pretends to be a victim. Onision is the same way.
Elizabeth Clothier
Elizabeth Clothier 25 päivää sitten
Someone uploaded a video on Reddit and called you a "hunter, predator'. I was a little pissed off because you can't just go around and say inflammatory, accusing statements about people. And I let the person know in the comment section. Onision took that video down because his lawyer probably told him he can be sued for that. He can get sued for libel, slander, emotional distress, and even monetary damages if you lost revenue from people unsubbing as a result of what he said about you.. It's a big deal, you just can't say those kind of things. Edit: Also, you don't have to prove it didn't happen. they have to prove that it did.
Burgess Gamers
Burgess Gamers 26 päivää sitten
Me: A sponsored video about onision? "laughs" Also Me: "wait isn't that bullying" Me again: remembers it's onision and he deserves it, "laughs again even harder"
Cosplayguy1fun 26 päivää sitten
Dear Greg, You abused your ex lovers, animals children and filed numerous false claims against people who possessed evidence against you. Please give up your career and work a minimum wage job. Sincerely The world.
INeedCoffee 28 päivää sitten
you _S U E D T H E W R O N G C H R I S H A N S E N_
Mia Koenig
Mia Koenig 29 päivää sitten
All people should try to avoid eating animals. On a different note, there is a strange universal force that seems to cause almost everyone who mocks someone else's writing or labels writing as stupid, to make basic mistakes. For instance, slamming the writing in the book while displaying your email that says "should of", seems a bit glass housish. I refrain from calling anyone stoopid, because I know there will be an embarrassing mistake that makes me look dumber than whatever I am pointing out. I only learned this after dozens of painfully obvious errors. Js✌
TheLittle OneSana
TheLittle OneSana Uukausi sitten
He wont sue no body idk these media companies and sheet but he cant do sheet because theyre all smarter than them and he cant afford it either. He tells himself whatever he can to make himself sleep at night.
ARTEZUI Uukausi sitten
*Y o u s u e d t h e w r o n g C h r i s H a n s e n*
Tosha Michelle
Tosha Michelle Uukausi sitten
I disliked him from the start, back before it was cool. Where’s my mention in the documentary? Ha!
Insect King
Insect King Uukausi sitten
What scent is your candle? Looks like a Wood Wick.
Chris Buttonshaw
Chris Buttonshaw Uukausi sitten
admittedly Chris Hansen was the biggest name that got involved in the Onision stuff
Ash Gulewicz
Ash Gulewicz Uukausi sitten
I think the reason people advised you to not apologize for something specific is because it will become generalized and wont go anywhere other than a video. Someone like Greg doesn't care for moral ramifications so to hold him up to these expectations is a waste of time.
Ash Gulewicz
Ash Gulewicz Uukausi sitten
Gotta love how no one does any research in this community
Makalya Uukausi sitten
damnnnn greg got u a whole check!!!!! go off!!!!! love that!!!!!!!!!
E B Uukausi sitten
Mmkay, maybe I watched a different documentary than everyone else, but the one I watched showed that he didn’t even do anything. And I had never heard of him. But there was all this advertisement about “onision in real life, manipulating young women,” yet in the documentary the only one we saw him manipulating was his ex gf, who I’m sorry, but you got a lot of fame out of him and all he did was ask you to shave your head, and you cried about it, but you flaunted it online...If you were stronger and in such distress, then you would’ve stood up for yourself. From the documentary, he paid for your rent and everything, so don’t be a whiny ungrateful baby, if you didn’t like how he treated you, then leave! Those are your problems. I’m disappointed bc the ads made him look like a real manipulative narcissist, and there was no evidence to back that up. I was bored to death watching the documentary. It was a FIpostr and his whiny girlfriend, so why is there even a documentary?
MadManMike 24 päivää sitten
How many more sock accounts do you have Greg?!
A Random Wolfman From Darkwood
A Random Wolfman From Darkwood Uukausi sitten
This is like Shane Dawson level "documentary".
xXByabooXx Uukausi sitten
Stevie Wolfe was immensly important for the discurs on Onision, back in the day, way back I was still very active on Onisions Forums and a fan of his (I was very stupid and underage and thought someone having strong opinions meant they were right) and the reason why I ended up understanding what this man was doing to us and how he was manipulating us into uploading half-naked pictures and encouraging cultist and very sexual behaviour on his platform was wrong and predatory.
The Mudpit
The Mudpit Uukausi sitten
14:10 Reminds me of the Simpsons episode, where Bart thinks that if he says sorry for one thing to Lisa, he'll suddenly be apologising to everyone. Grandpa Simpson says "It's YOUR fault I"m old!" Bart says "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" for everything. Kinda explains why Greg doesn't admit fault too. Poor Greg, so confused, so peurile, so trapped by his own past.
stapuft Uukausi sitten
onison has a very smooth very smol brain.
stapuft Uukausi sitten
...."an artist"?? huh?"r word" what r word? there are....like.....thousands.....
E H Uukausi sitten
I saw a video of you maybe.. 10 years ago? Do you age????
stapuft Uukausi sitten
"expired bulletproof vest" what does that even mean? -bulletproof vests cant expire?- .............huh..............TIL bulletproof vests CAN expire........
Tanya Brittingham
Tanya Brittingham Uukausi sitten
I find it very interesting that almost no youtuber wanted to be involved in this documentary and then they asked all of the youtubers to do a commentary on the video. And then Chris Hanson - who pretty much screwed up the whole thing by claiming the FBI was involved - gets credit for exposing Onionboy?
BBX Uukausi sitten
tbh i followed onision in middle school (along with literally hundreds of other youtubers because i thought i should follow anyone with a big following because surely that means they must be good to watch right?), but only saw a handful of videos and then i revisited to purge a lot of my subscriptions and hated what i realized i was subscribed to. people talking about him i have only seen in the last 2-3 years, personally it started getting recommended to me after strange aeons' first book review then i found this channel. :) thanks for reading my comment, i WISH i only knew of oninsion as of recent and i hate to think i actually liked some stuff he did :((((( yucky
aguamehn215 Uukausi sitten
It hits different when your thank your enemies for your succession. 10/10
disaster-png Uukausi sitten
Just FYI this doc was made against the wishes of some of Greg’s victims
Jason Ward
Jason Ward Uukausi sitten
Is that a millennials version of a comb over? Awful Trumpish looking :P
maddog Uukausi sitten
9:40 is that a challenge?
maddog Uukausi sitten
Saying nobody noticed his behavior until chris Hansen, is like if a baseball team in the world series was 30+ ahead, then they let some 60yr old og player take the bat cause their so far ahead and he gets pitty walked to first, then claims he was the reason they won the game. Whereas stevie wolf, amazing atheist, were the Star players lol
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano Uukausi sitten
SJWs are so short sighted, they consider Corporations being able shut down channels with a single email, a victory! They will shoot themselves in the stomach if it means their enemy gets shot in the head lol
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano 22 päivää sitten
@MadManMike niga what lol. Stop projecting and being an internet psychologist. I gata go take a cold shower to get rid of the cringe goosebumps you just gave me
MadManMike 24 päivää sitten
No one talks like this unless they're desperately trying to scapegoat their own narcissism.
l Esposito
l Esposito Uukausi sitten
I dont think you're wrong for sending a fb message to someone who is seeing someone who has been in all that drama. We shouldn't assume someone else will help.
my beloved beautiful Feline
my beloved beautiful Feline Uukausi sitten
the right opinion makes awesome videos indeed. he is very gifted.
John Duff
John Duff Uukausi sitten
Ayee the amazing athiest shoutout! I found you through him years ago, been subscribed ever since you've always had good content ♥️
CJ Uukausi sitten
I just finished the documentary & the only new information I gained was that Greg looks exactly like his father lol. Big waste of time.
A M Uukausi sitten
Ew onision playing among us almost ruined the entire game for me
Bailey Hodges
Bailey Hodges Uukausi sitten
I cant even remember how this predatory investigation began its been dragged out for so long with no real solution in sight
Jackie Kat
Jackie Kat Uukausi sitten
....why are there an episode of this *****...let alone 3 episodes?!?!
Jeiku Ultimate gamer
Jeiku Ultimate gamer Uukausi sitten
Sues wrong discovery somehow I know it will happen or I hope it does so I can question this mans abilty to sue people
RZ Uukausi sitten
ONISION DEMONETIZED thanks to Chris Hansen! Hansen kept his promise! In just over ONE year Chris Hansen did more for the victims than all the drama tubers who made money off of the victims for TEN years. THANK YOU CHRIS HANSEN!!!
Corrie Beach
Corrie Beach Uukausi sitten
Repzion lookin fine as wine talking shit about onision 🤣
Jeannie Uukausi sitten
The beginning of this video is iconic
felucca Uukausi sitten
Alright - this is the first drama channel I've found talking about the documentary where the comment section ISN'T 99% about how Chris Hansen and Discovery suck and poor poor drama YTrs getting cheated out of their cred and moniez... most comments actually place the focus where it should be: on Onision. ...I'll take that as a good sign for the video and put it in my watch later list.
Cali Hinojosa
Cali Hinojosa Uukausi sitten
I was actually really shocked amazing atheist was not shown in this documentary. Amazing atheist is how I found you and how I learned who onision was.
Organyks Uukausi sitten
my one brain cell: cat in the background
Erica Larson
Erica Larson Uukausi sitten
Bro I think Repzion's apology for his vegans videos, and messaging Kai is pretty mature
Carey Butler
Carey Butler Uukausi sitten
Why am I just know learning that Greg is from Ohio... of course he’s from my state
Shimmer n Shine
Shimmer n Shine Uukausi sitten
Funnny how he flipped that apology smh he is such a pc of shit
Shimmer n Shine
Shimmer n Shine Uukausi sitten
That’s funny he went on to report about it isn’t he the one that says make sure you have the facts before you make those allegations.. wow onision is such a loser a has been
Shimmer n Shine
Shimmer n Shine Uukausi sitten
I’m pissed Eugenia went on like wtf she doesn’t know anything all she knows is him picking on her for not eating wtf does that have to be with the whole point of this
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole Uukausi sitten
Okay, but how the heck do Steven Asarch and Onion sound so alike????
Emma Ferg
Emma Ferg Uukausi sitten
So u were accused of being a rapper
arlothedino Uukausi sitten
That intro made me think I clicked on an onision vid and my heart stopped
Sailor Mewchan
Sailor Mewchan Uukausi sitten
Guys the first episode just aired on tv and they changed the part where it said it wasn’t until chris Hansen’s videos to, it wasn’t until these women wanted to talk that the perception of him changed, I still can’t believe they aired it on discovery plus saying it was Chris Hansen who changed the perception on onison🙄
Kelsy Thompson
Kelsy Thompson Uukausi sitten
I saw that too and thought I was losing my mind!
Megan Carey
Megan Carey Uukausi sitten
I snorted fuckin 20 seconds in 😭😭🤣x
kimmi 0427
kimmi 0427 Uukausi sitten
Has ANYONE noticed that Gregs mouth and smile looks like Sara Ferguson?🤣🤣🤣🤣
A Bug
A Bug Uukausi sitten
You have to be realistic here. Discovery+ is where the bottom-of-the-barrel Discovery Channel writers go when they're all out of ideas for "Hitler's Secret Space Millions" offshoots. This type of TV caters to the lowest of the lowest possible common denominator and will play out a very simple Hero vs Villain storyline. Drama channels have already been completely disregarded in this narrative and it has been implied that Hansen caused Onision's downfall - who was introduced as a funny, sexy, smart FIpostr. So who do you honestly think they will be painting in an overall positive light?
Kimberly Gonzalez
Kimberly Gonzalez Uukausi sitten
Every time I hear onion boy say he's going to sue someone I just burst out laughing 🤣🤣🤣, like you already messed up your first lawsuit what's makes you think your second one will go any better.
Tracy Dimond
Tracy Dimond Uukausi sitten
I've watched your videos for a while, but haven't been on youtube or online for months. Then tonight I see a discovery+ ad for the "onision in real life" program. Needless to say I had to check out what you might have to say about it.😆 I just don't see how that sick puppy hasn't ended up wearing an orange jumpsuit.
raeraeuwu Uukausi sitten
holy shit the first 35 seconds i was CACKLING oh my fucking god
Tara Lee
Tara Lee Uukausi sitten
I’ve gone off Greg over the years but come on. People went and made a whole ass documentary, brought in his ABUSER and a PREDATOR too speak against him. Like wow. You go get beat and mistreated and assaulted, and then let’s take YOUR ABUSER on TV to speak shit on you! His dad confessed to being abusive ON IT! You’re all wrong for supporting it. The girls didn’t want it out there, and neither did he so it didn’t need to be posted. If people wanna look into him you’ve all posted enough stuff over the years to cover it! Also using one of his ex’s that clearly mentally abused the man and left him with a little trauma. He had proof that he was suffering with her and it was ALL LEFT OUT to make her look like a victim. She lies MULTIPLE times and he got proof to back it up. I think everyone involved is disgusting and this should NEVER OF BEEN MADE.
james harris
james harris Uukausi sitten
Didn't know what Onision was till I saw Chris Hansen's interview with Shilo, it's clear he is quite a piece of garbage, I'm guessing tweaker.
Klownkandi1992 Uukausi sitten
ok WHERE can I view this interview? I can't find it on youtube, just a bunch of responses to it
Laura Forrester
Laura Forrester Uukausi sitten
Thank you for shouting out to The Right Opinion. Honestly his videos are so well researched and so intelligently produced, he deserves so much more attention and praise than he gets.
hippopajamas Uukausi sitten
Landonfirewing Uukausi sitten
But James (Greg) has receipts proving that some of what discovery+ said is wrong or falsified to fit their narrative
MadManMike 24 päivää sitten
Whatever receipts they're supposed to be have had the context twisted around and manipulated to fit HIS narrative, and they're easily contradicted by years of him being exposed.
AgeAfterArt Uukausi sitten
You need to adjust your noise reduction, it's cutting out the start of some of your sentances when it attempts to reduce the background noise.
Claire Eagling
Claire Eagling Uukausi sitten
omg total forgot about keemstar is he still going???
D Charles
D Charles Uukausi sitten
Daaaayum this AUDIO IS HELLA CLIPPY. oof
Matt Jphnston
Matt Jphnston Uukausi sitten
Chris Hanson still doing good work.
tamara turford
tamara turford Uukausi sitten
So scary that I was watching Greg speaks in my early teens with no-one monitoring me. If things had gone differently I might have started to get indoctrinated by him 😱
lucky loony girl
lucky loony girl Uukausi sitten
Um I have been on utube for over 13 years only stumbled across the evil onion 🧅 a few days ago! Wtf utube! Yep I’m old! And I have a opinion! 😡
Jacob Fraboni
Jacob Fraboni Uukausi sitten
I 💯% agree with your statement about FIpost's view on Onision. We did all start to talk about Greg long before Chris Hansen. To play devil's advocate slightly. I would go as far as to say, The general population/main stream media (those those ingrained in FIpost culture), became attentive to the situation because of the weight of the Chris Hansen name in the eyes of people the age of our parents. I say this as a 28year old. So while the statement is false, because Chris Hansen wasn't the catalyst for the platform/users turning on Greg. It was from the eyes of Major Corporation true as they learned about it from Chris. I don't know ramblings of person working too many days in a row :p
Jacob Fraboni
Jacob Fraboni Uukausi sitten
...those not ingrained...*
Liam Uukausi sitten
Lol. I don't really care about Onision but these videos about him are hilarious.
This_is_Fine Uukausi sitten
Repzion said: "Do you know how to read?" Jared (19): * sweats *
Mr. Ears
Mr. Ears Uukausi sitten
Yo, anyone who reads this, go watch Alizee, she's done a lot of videos on Onion and they're really good. Today she just covered episode 2 of the doc. She deserves praise for her _actual_ use of sarcasm.
fii fii
fii fii Uukausi sitten
Love her!!
Buck Kite
Buck Kite Uukausi sitten
You and Blaire White both did not want to be in this documentary. I am not wasting my money on this crap documentary.
Teddie Kun
Teddie Kun Uukausi sitten
the r-pist comment triggered me quite a bit. i would really appreciate if you censored those words or put a TW saying that the said word (r-pe or r-pist) would be mentioned for any future videos with the word included. thank you for reading.
MadManMike 24 päivää sitten
Your inability to handle a word and guilting someone to censor themselves is a spit in the face and probably ACTUALLY triggering to anyone from a generation that had no choice but do just DEAL with the uglyness of life. Aquire some adaptability.
Micah Damsgard
Micah Damsgard Uukausi sitten
I can name a whole list of people who made vids about onision before Chris and I have only been following the onision lore for four years. That was dumb when they said that. Also, this documentary was the first time I'd ever heard Eug*nia C*oney talk about onision directly. Whenever she addressed it before she would said "certain youtubers" or "one youtuber in particular." I don't like her but that was still pretty powerful in my opinion.
SaphiraTheMongoose Uukausi sitten
Outland Uukausi sitten
I think people started hating Onision back in 2014-2015, because of his whole forum rating under age fans. My first exposure to him was the Leafyishere rant on him a few years ago, that told me about his treatment of Shiloh and the video of her having a stress seizure. Along with his forum stuff
Tina Gray
Tina Gray Uukausi sitten
Don't forget the work Jaclyn Glenn did. She exposed a lot.
ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ ඏ
ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ ඏ Uukausi sitten
I wish Onision understood how he's furthering ruining his own reputation doing the shit he does and is embarrassing himself. ...yet if he did know, we wouldn't be here right now, would we? Dude is absolutely clueless.
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