Crazy Girl Attacks Cancer Patient | Karma Bites Back

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24 päivää sitten

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Dad dropped insurance:
Brat makes fun of cancer:
Dad responds:
00:00 Intro
3:22 - Cancer convo
6:40​ - "sleeping" thru argument (totally not)
11:53 - dad kicks her out
12:28 false call to the police
14:46 phone conversation with dad
16:46 dad's video response to daughter

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Repzion 24 päivää sitten
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Lisa J
Lisa J Päivä sitten
@Ergo Toxicosis Everyone deserves help, even Tessi. It's a dice toss though if she will accept that help. It's apparently been offered to her several times and she has refused. I agree whole heartedly that attention is not going to help either the situation or Tessi's well being. However, she chose to put herself out there and acted badly, people will and should call her out on that bad behaviour, who knows it might be the impetus she needs to get that help. I wish you all the best with your struggles, ADHD and autism are two difficult things to deal with on their own but you seem to be coping extremely well. Good luck and best wishes.
Ergo Toxicosis
Ergo Toxicosis Päivä sitten
@Naj Adamu excellent argument. it’s so well done it burnt my tongue.
Ergo Toxicosis
Ergo Toxicosis Päivä sitten
@Lisa J I read the last paragraph first and then read the rest, hence why my reply was pretty long even though I originally intended for it not to be. I have severe ADHD and meds only do so much, I struggle with disorganized thinking a lot so it’s not that I wasn’t willing to read it all, it’s more like I have two tests next week and a bunch of late homework and I was replying when I should have been studying. I said plenty you could have responded to, but instead you commented on the part I didn’t even follow through on lol. I will say, thanks for not being a jerk. And for what it’s worth, I’ve been watching more video analyses of Tessi this morning and I think I’m realizing that I’ve been bullied a lot harder than I realized when I was younger, by people like Tessi. I’m also autistic so there you go. I have trouble interpreting social situations and I also still do NOT approve of the way her dad was screaming and swearing at his other kid. No matter what Tessi has done, her dad has his own issues and he needs to find a healthier way to show how deeply he cares. But I’ve actually changed my mind somewhat about Tessi. I think she definitely has some kind of personality disorder in addition to whatever else may be going on in her life that’s exacerbating her negative behaviors. And with that being said, I still stand by my position that Repzion could have done a better job to elucidate the nuance of this situation, the mental health nuance specifically. And that’s why I question whether this was a good video to do at all, because again I think that mental health professionals will ALWAYS be more qualified than a youtube essayist to analyze these kinds of situations, and the least Repzion could have done was collaborate with someone who could provide the mental health perspective on this issue. And I need to make it very clear because I can already feel you thinking I’m going a certain direction with this, and I’m actually going the other way. Tessi is still culpable for her actions, trolling or not. It’s still fucked up, it’s still just as wrong but if it’s true that indeed she is behaving this way because of a mental health issue, then the LAST thing she needs is extra attention. And that is the opposite of what this video achieves. The attention should be on the bigger picture: this girl is doing something that is hurting other people and she needs HELP so that she can stop hurting other people, so that more people don’t get hurt by Tessi. Whether you think Tessi is “good enough” to deserve help or not, everyone else is “good enough” to deserve Tessi being less of a piece of shit and therapy is the most humane way to achieve that. I’m saying that as someone who has been a little shit before and has also been in therapy for ~12 years, but not only that, I am a biology major and I intend to get a graduate degree in neuroscience. Not only that, but like I said, I’m autistic and my special interest is mental health. There is so much to be unpacked in this Tessi situation about HOW we talk about people who are problematic in a way that actually solves the problem.
Lisa J
Lisa J Päivä sitten
@Ergo Toxicosis I don't have a problem with you having an opinion but somebody who only reads half a comment and responds is not someone I'm interested in having a conversation with. You can't converse with someone if you only bother to listen to half of what they say.
Ergo Toxicosis
Ergo Toxicosis Päivä sitten
@Lisa J I’m only reading the last paragraph because that’s all I have the bandwidth for right now. I just have to point out that if I’m the one saying “only a therapist is blah blah blah” then the very next thing you said makes literally no sense because you start addressing Tessi as if she were the one saying what you just quoted me as saying. I agree, millions of fathers have been abusive to their children. “According to her father” and I’m saying “well, according to her” and clearly we’re not going to get anywhere with this. Ultimately, I question the wisdom in choosing to make a video about this kind of situation at all as I’m struggling to see what the end goal is, as the *result* is that Tessi had her nudes leaked on a reddit thread where people where absolutely tearing her apart and this kind of video is the opposite of helping anyone in the situation, including the cancer patient as well because does anyone know how she’s doing? No, because nobody mentioned her past the fact that Tessi, without proper context, was being a cunt to her. Couldn’t it be possible that Tessi is a shitty person AND so is her dad? Why does it have to be a dichotomy? This video doesn’t paint a balanced picture either way, and I’m saying this as someone who has been a fan of Repzion for a couple years at this point. Oops, I had an opinion again.
Keldas LushLife
Keldas LushLife Tunti sitten
Shes a prime example of EVOLUTION IN ACTION folks......
Ryan Demaree
Ryan Demaree 8 tuntia sitten
The way she looks, acts and speaks reminds me of Luka Magnotta. Definitely needs medication and possibly to live in a ward.
Aymara Fan
Aymara Fan 17 tuntia sitten
Take shot every time she says “Like” in this video.
JUDY 19 tuntia sitten
Go dad! Feel so bad for him. I never had a dad. These girls need to grow up . Life is to short. He is a good dad
The Angry Doughnut
The Angry Doughnut Päivä sitten
usually, i criticize the parents for children like that. BUt man, i fee the bad for this dad.
Dino Dan
Dino Dan Päivä sitten
Hi diddly Ho diddly
Hi diddly Ho diddly Päivä sitten
Literal definition of a bimbo Jesus.
Devil's Advocake
Devil's Advocake Päivä sitten
"Medicaid is for poor people" Little does she know, she's poor. Her DAD's rich, she is broke.
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Päivä sitten
You can’t just switch off your feelings of love after someone hurts & betrayed you. I feel bad for the younger sister. She’s the female Onion
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora Päivä sitten
16:46 this is my biggest fear as a parent
Bren C.
Bren C. Päivä sitten
I really feel for the dad
Lucy Päivä sitten
The fact that she's a disgusting pathological liar aside.... *Why is she recording herself lying?* _Why is she posting the recording of herself lying to the internet??_ What is she hoping or trying to gain from this??? I-- wha---- _?????_
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Päivä sitten
This is one of the most human youtubers. Love it
Onto3ma Päivä sitten
I get young adults are stupid but this is a new level
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Päivä sitten
Oh u don't even know. I work at a restaurant and i witness all sorts of new levels each and every day
Marie Liana
Marie Liana Päivä sitten
At least her parents cared about her mental health. Mine don’t lol
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz Päivä sitten
I've been seeing comments of people comparing her to Casey Anthony and honestly the personality resemblance is uncanny with how she involved the police in this and not to mention the lack of remorse
Ashton Päivä sitten
The footage of her bts trying to get a perfect thumbnail photo is making my teeth itch
Jodecy Vercouteren
Jodecy Vercouteren 2 päivää sitten
ok I'm now 13:38 in and I gotta say this whole house hold is full of narcissists the father shouldn't have yelled at her like that he got what was coming to him and this vile lady here is getting what she deserves she belongs to the streets
Mehayla-Marie Parks
Mehayla-Marie Parks 2 päivää sitten
the dad is being hella reasonable making some solid ass points
Scootchie and Boo
Scootchie and Boo 2 päivää sitten
She is the definition of toxic. She lied about her safety, and exaggerated her dads weapons to ruin his life.
shaggy bear
shaggy bear 2 päivää sitten
When women,girls ask why its so hard to be believed when they come forward about abuse... They need to look at this girl and amber heard and go... Ohhhhh
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
Wait a minute, this is an ARG actually. Think about it. Personality on the internet, openly dysfunctional family (dispite no one online knowing who they are irl) put in immediate danger for the audience to gawk at. It's all fictional. Like a stageplay on the internet.
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
Her twitter account "playmatetessi" was also barren until September 15th 2020. She really came out of nowhere. She had no coverage until the cancer controversy.
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
The character's name is Mya I guess
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
What's especially unusual is how the girl's streaming cost her father his job, even though nobody knows who these people are. Unless she sent the stream link to her father's employer herself, it just doesn't make sense. All we have to identify these people are faces without names.
MrRellics 2 päivää sitten
I can smell some fresh Dr Phil content coming soon....
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 2 päivää sitten
Countdown to the Only Fans launch starting now...
Left Leg Cemetery
Left Leg Cemetery 3 päivää sitten
Basically she's good at everything but doesn't know how to talk 🤣
Ace Of Kpop
Ace Of Kpop 3 päivää sitten
Horrible narcissist aside, Repzion's videos are the only ones that don't make me feel like I have whiplash from transitions/changes in thought patterns. Just wanted to comment some appreciation for him ❤
Steel Nights
Steel Nights 3 päivää sitten
Like like like like like like like like like like
Rudyard Kipling
Rudyard Kipling 3 päivää sitten
um she be trans, and it looks like they are trying to make Blair look bad
Satsu 3 päivää sitten
First 2 second before diving into her crazyness.. those two tapestries distract me.. i want them
Supa Fance
Supa Fance 3 päivää sitten
she has a very deep masculine voice
M 3 päivää sitten
You look really cute with your glasses
Cameron Regan
Cameron Regan 3 päivää sitten
I cried four times watching this
Sidra Gmail
Sidra Gmail 3 päivää sitten
i hope u are okay havent uploaded in a week or two.. take care dont let the men in black catch you
Rae W
Rae W 3 päivää sitten
her father is in so much pain & he’s beyond disappointed in her. parents can only do so much to shape their children, but at the end of the day, their kids grow up to be their own person. it’s not always the parents’ faults.
Alice McGee
Alice McGee 4 päivää sitten
Not a troll? Wow I can't wait to see wtf
Momma Bear
Momma Bear 4 päivää sitten
Nothing the dad said was wrong though. He's more calm than my dad was lol
GHOSTHazeChiller 4 päivää sitten
Her dad "she refuses to Take heir meds" Me: "daam what is this Girl on?!"
Katie Kat Sigmon
Katie Kat Sigmon 4 päivää sitten
Gosh. I’d like to bring this chick out to my hood where I grew up. I think her attitude would change real fast. I cannot believe how badly she threw her dad under the bus that shit is gross. I hope to GOD he keeps his word to make her face reality. Tough love is what she needs!
spaghetti lord
spaghetti lord 4 päivää sitten
1:13 LOL
Littleladylulu Lulu
Littleladylulu Lulu 4 päivää sitten
“Hes talking to himself” wow. Disgusting
Littleladylulu Lulu
Littleladylulu Lulu 4 päivää sitten
Imagine disrespecting your dad that much that it could jail your father.
Lara Jayne
Lara Jayne 4 päivää sitten
I can definitely understand his anger and stress 😔
Littleladylulu Lulu
Littleladylulu Lulu 4 päivää sitten
As someone who has had a cancer scare lost all their family members to cancer this is absolutely shocking. She has zero empathy, and is obviously the one with no money living with their parents.
SmidgeofRandom 4 päivää sitten
Sometimes you got to just let them go and make their mistakes. She's not going to listen. Keep tabs at a distance and focus on the rest of the family. This is very sad but there is nothing else he can do.
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
She's gonna build a career out of her "redemption arc"
Sa Wa
Sa Wa 4 päivää sitten
Hey Daniel, Thank you for another video. This is your channel and you have been doing this a long time. You produce great videos. BUT... I wish you didnt the play sound during the argument between dad and 17 year old. I can explain if you want to know why it bothered if you wish to know. *Thank goodness, I read a comment that the dad didnt lose his job.
King Silly
King Silly 4 päivää sitten
she sounds like she's kinda slow ngl
Jazs 4 päivää sitten
I HATE the way she talks. I hate it with a passion 😭
Stuart Damien
Stuart Damien 4 päivää sitten
She isn't beautiful nor is she talented.
Ttwylerr 4 päivää sitten
Hey repzion you gotta do a video on maximillian on FIpost the guy who made the oh yeah yeah meme. Straight up gold mine of content for you there.
jenel cameron
jenel cameron 4 päivää sitten
From hearing the father he don’t deal with no ones bullshit any of his daughters which I don’t wrong him.
Becca 4 päivää sitten
Sad thing is she will probably get popularity for being disrespectful with shock value
Chuck Roelofs
Chuck Roelofs 5 päivää sitten
As a Dad, this young lady needs a serious attitude adjustment... How would she respond if that girl took her life because of what she said....This girl has serious issues
Greta M
Greta M 5 päivää sitten
Can someone transcript what the father was saying I can’t hear shit lol
Nosferata138 5 päivää sitten
I'm sorry, but the dad was on point with what he was telling the other kid. Yt deleted my comment saying the streamer will end up with a similar condition of the girl she was making fun of. (In less words)
Nicholas DeOrio
Nicholas DeOrio 5 päivää sitten
You and repzilla are the same person
Natalie Garcia
Natalie Garcia 5 päivää sitten
What the fuck.
Mojodan5520 ZE
Mojodan5520 ZE 5 päivää sitten
She sounds like a female Luka Magnota
Jalex Ones Chanel
Jalex Ones Chanel 5 päivää sitten
Even if she is a ‘troll’, literally what’s the point in ‘trolling’?? How is it fun? How is it beneficial? It’s not a joke when other people aren’t in on it.
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
Lulz mostly
The Tragedy Of Life
The Tragedy Of Life 5 päivää sitten
I cannot imagine being such a monolithic piece of shit that I’d call the cops and falsely accuse my own father of wanting to murder me
CthulhUa 5 päivää sitten
This reminds me of the movie Spree. It’s insane
NautilusBitchicus 5 päivää sitten
Even her carbonmonoxide meter knows she's TAHHKKSIC. But seriously... Get that seen to. It shouldn't beep that much.
It's Me Andy
It's Me Andy 5 päivää sitten
OO this video got me feeling some kind of way
Paulina Morales
Paulina Morales 5 päivää sitten
Oh god i can’t stop laughing at her. What a train wreck, it’s amazing holy shit you can’t make this up!! Ahahha oh my god. Imagine how her dad felt when he saw her livestream her reporting him to the police lmaoo
Kaydence Hinds
Kaydence Hinds 5 päivää sitten
I feel so bad for their dad
Caffiene Addict
Caffiene Addict 5 päivää sitten
2:25 IS SHE SERIOUS?! Omg her being for real is crazy lol
man child
man child 6 päivää sitten
grown woman, out the door
Cabbyla 6 päivää sitten
The dad is actually a reasonable guy.
OngoingSky93 6 päivää sitten
Poor guy. That daughter of his is going to get a very brutal wake up call.
Viva Patriarchy
Viva Patriarchy 6 päivää sitten
Don't have kids. Ever.
Ashley Filpo
Ashley Filpo 6 päivää sitten
The only thing that will make this girl stop is everyone not watching her. Not giving her attention will cancel her instantly. This is toxic and we should not allow this kind of behavior.
Bfree412 6 päivää sitten
💯 “ you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped” or don’t think they need it.
Misz 6 päivää sitten
5:16 hey don’t come for us deep voiced females..... kinda hurt over that ngl, I’d say most women with deep voices have been picked on massively for it, you don’t gotta contribute.........
Answer My Question On every live stream
Answer My Question On every live stream 6 päivää sitten
What does repzion mean
I love my cat Milo
I love my cat Milo 6 päivää sitten
Wait onisions new fling? Or long lost sister?
Stephanie Penglase
Stephanie Penglase 6 päivää sitten
She's not applying for state insurance because it's for "poor people". You're living in a hotel.
ParaIax 7 päivää sitten
The embodiment of a high school mean girl.
Jacks Box
Jacks Box 7 päivää sitten
Gosh id pay for that guy to be my dad
Rachel Killaa
Rachel Killaa 7 päivää sitten
Her 911 call was a waste of their time wow there are people with ACTUAL emergencies
Paulina Morales
Paulina Morales 5 päivää sitten
Longest 911 call ever. “i do youtube, I’m a youtuber, and i also do twitch, twitch and youtube” someone needs to bust down her door and arrest her.
Amber Sweet
Amber Sweet 7 päivää sitten
Hey Rep! I wanted to bring to your attention the very recent drama with Foodie Beauty. There’s a LOT of drama with her, but recently she made an OnlyFans and made over $1000, but then closed it after 3 days and said she wasn’t going to refund the money back because “the people who paid were just trolls anyways”. I’d love your take on this.
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe 7 päivää sitten
11:44 She gets her karma
maya lee
maya lee 7 päivää sitten
I think it’s really pathetic that these rich kids get as sad as they do and yes I may be judged for saying that but I feel like these kids need to be taught on how to appreciate what they have because I was homeless and happy I couldn’t imagine what it would be like having everything you wanted and sad I feel like everyone is entitled to their feelings and everyone goes through what they go through but I do think appreciation for kids that already have stuff doesn’t just come they take it for granted to the point where nothing is good enough for them at a young age and that’s not cool because I’m about to be 21 and their shit that I never experienced in life that excites me like a child and would make me beyond grateful and in tears to even experience these kids need to be shown how to appreciate what they have because this girl just messed up so much for herself and yet I don’t feel bad she may have issues but it definitely is 100% out of taking shit for granted and wanting attention and that is not OK and she should be put into her place or should be shown serious consequences because if you’ve never went through many tragedies In your life and you’re just trying to create them then you need to be shut down because she is the start of a toxic family and that shit needs to end and she needs to face consequences for everything she has done
sbabe325 7 päivää sitten
Female Onision?
lola K
lola K 7 päivää sitten
I think he's right. She needs to learn a very difficult real life lesson.
lola K
lola K 7 päivää sitten
As a parent of 4, with many nieces and nephews, I see a pattern with that generation of kids. They're so ungrateful, and entitled. Absolutley ridiculous.
lola K
lola K 7 päivää sitten
Lol. This girl really thinks she's famous. So delusional. It's actually pathetic.
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem 7 päivää sitten
Though why was that cancer patient on her stream? Does one just stumble across streams? I don’t know how these work. But that poor father, man.
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem 7 päivää sitten
Not even 3 minutes in and I’m convinced she’s a legitimate psychopath.
Relyt Llorrac
Relyt Llorrac 7 päivää sitten
Frankly disgusting seeing such a supportive and available family be betrayed by something that they provided love
PKFireMKIce 7 päivää sitten
I know how people in Repzion's position can't tell his fanbase to go out and hate other people and their channels. But what point should we say that enough is enough?
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 7 päivää sitten
I love how he doesn’t give her channel name . He knows she just wants attention, bad attention is better than none too her
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 7 päivää sitten
How does her face look like that at 18? She looks like a 40 year old with too much plastic surgery.
Nathalia Barraza
Nathalia Barraza 7 päivää sitten
She looks like she put way too much lip fillers and had a bad nosejob, and yet she calls a cancer patient ugly.
Jessica Opal
Jessica Opal 7 päivää sitten
I *really* think he's going to kill me!! I'm terrified!! He'll be here in a hour so I'm just going to sit here and wait. I have *plenty* of money to leave and don't need to stay here at all... but don't make me leave please, just arrest him please. K thanks 👌🏻
Guðmundur Rúnar Guðmundsson
Guðmundur Rúnar Guðmundsson 7 päivää sitten
I think that the father has problems his self.........
Guðmundur Rúnar Guðmundsson
Guðmundur Rúnar Guðmundsson 7 päivää sitten
She is actually trying to get paid to be on camera, I thought that twitch banned that and also Discord....... Why are you feeding mental decline of a person???? WTF????
Auva 8 päivää sitten
This narcissistic girl has NO idea how lucky she is. Myself and so many women I know would’ve KILLED to have a relationship like that with their dads. My dad stayed married to my mom but growing up and even now it’s like living with an abusive stranger who can blow up at any minute. Your father took you with him and traveled around the world? Growing up exposed to different cultures and ways of living you’d think you’d be a more tolerant, educated, and well-rounded person. I wish I had a dad that cared as much as he did. He sounds like the kind of dad that probably sat down with you and talked about boys and how you should be respected by them, etc... if i had a dad like that, would’ve saved me so much struggle and pain in my life. But looking at this girl I suddenly feel better about my situation. At least I know I’m an empathetic human being. She doesn’t seem to be able to feel empathy or has a severe personality disorder and that’s incredibly sad. I don’t wish any ill-intention on this girl but sometimes that’s the only way anybody ever learns. Once this drama dies down, her subs will fall, effect her income, and because of her actions online the real world consequences could be that she could never get a good job, get into a good college, etc... She’s quite literally ruined her life. At least I know that just because my dad is a POS that doesn’t mean I have to be. Just like how people who are POS’s themselves may have an amazing father. We all have a choice on how we turn out.
Liz-Otaku-Artist 8 päivää sitten
" i don't have no internet" -> streaming + most likely has a data plan. + lying. it really devalues people who go through abusive households or can't even get out of their homes. often too afraid to even speak up about needing help. so her "omg he's gonna hurt me!" is just distasteful when you watch the full video stream and he just was kicking her out, no threat to harm her and so forth.
jill p
jill p 8 päivää sitten
You realize her intent was to get attention. She wants videos like this to be made. You making this video is only supporting her original intent....
The Undead Cactus
The Undead Cactus 8 päivää sitten
she is the human embodiment of r/iamatotalpieceofshit
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