A New Journey
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Where Is Onision Now?
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My Experience Using Onlyfans
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I'm Going To Be A Dad!
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We Need To Talk About This Woman
Gabi Demartino Gets Worse...
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The Onision Files Ep 2
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Onision Lost Twitch Partnership
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Twitter's Biggest Gold Digger
The Nathan Larson Files
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I trolled Onision
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PIZZA KAREN |  Karens Gone Wild Ep. 7
This Site Needs To Be Shut Down
TheHylian 14 minuuttia sitten
new atheist vids tho? maybe do some leftytube stuff?
aporue 589
aporue 589 26 minuuttia sitten
someone: *claps* sjws:* triggered*
road•kill Tunti sitten
I love that song lol
Laila Anthony
Laila Anthony 2 tuntia sitten
:p Fuck you ;>
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez 3 tuntia sitten
This video gave me so much anxiety. It took me four tries to finish it. This guy is clearly unstable and that poor girl looks like she's suffering so much.
Stephanie Pepin
Stephanie Pepin 4 tuntia sitten
Late to the party but I’m on the side of the lady with the dog. There was no need to record her. He could have called animal control and reported the location they were if he was concerned for the dog
CARL Rauschkolb
CARL Rauschkolb 4 tuntia sitten
aporue 589
aporue 589 5 tuntia sitten
this is why people have such a negative image of people who like anime. Because of degenerates like this.
aporue 589
aporue 589 5 tuntia sitten
am I the only one who thought:somewhere,onion mustv'e be a member of this disgusting site? It seems horribly fitting for him.
Martin 6 tuntia sitten
I Googled for some pics from her OnlyFans and I won't comment specifically on what I don't like (because she might would go get some more plastic done) but lets just say it's not hard to find better "content" out there.
M. Kumar
M. Kumar 7 tuntia sitten
Britain has to pay for their leniency one day
someone somewhere
someone somewhere 7 tuntia sitten
Wierdly we have a lot in common i hate my legs and my body i can see my pelvis bones popping out. I used to obsess over this girl because she's an artist like me and to me she was and is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen and im still not completely over it. And yeah nipple hairs.
The Spooky Kabuki
The Spooky Kabuki 9 tuntia sitten
It shouldn't have to take someone you know and love to go through cancer to cause a fire within to stir. You know what I'm sayin?
Evie .G
Evie .G 10 tuntia sitten
Joy is a professional victim.
Evie .G
Evie .G 10 tuntia sitten
Lol the copper toxicity thing was on an episode of house. However, the patient was ALLERGIC to copper iirc.
The Spooky Kabuki
The Spooky Kabuki 10 tuntia sitten
I really wish I could have gone back in time to tell these cancer's moms to get an abortion. This is when abortion is acceptable.
The Spooky Kabuki
The Spooky Kabuki 10 tuntia sitten
Riddle me this? Why aren't these CANCERS CANCELLED?! Again, late, but uh.
The Spooky Kabuki
The Spooky Kabuki 11 tuntia sitten
Dude. You're obsessed, lol. Onion Butthole head is a TOOL. Oh and he really has nothing on you, so you don't have to worry about any legalities. Like you said, you never visited him in the flesh. LOL, are you wearing a moomoo? Not making fun, just thought it was cool if you are.
Sophie Static
Sophie Static 11 tuntia sitten
Mvano Abrahams
Mvano Abrahams 13 tuntia sitten
The greatest trick satan played was to convince the world he doesn't exist
J.C. 13 tuntia sitten
The fact that people like this exist makes my blood boil
joefer gonzales
joefer gonzales 14 tuntia sitten
Its actually stupid to put two people with different culture especially with the muslim.
Rebel Friend
Rebel Friend 14 tuntia sitten
Marty Mcfly has changed since 2015 after he got fired
Big Black Billy Goat
Big Black Billy Goat 15 tuntia sitten
Joe Biden’s favorite youtuber
RiverWorld 16 tuntia sitten
update: i just looked at his channel and for some reason hes posting like everythings ok now and there is no rude comments
Sloth Jolly
Sloth Jolly 16 tuntia sitten
You two have gone down very different FIpost content paths LoL 😂
Joel Lervik
Joel Lervik 17 tuntia sitten
Get to the point!!!
road•kill 18 tuntia sitten
I thought I clicked the wrong video...
Faith Kington
Faith Kington 18 tuntia sitten
God he's so creepy
Black Cadillac
Black Cadillac 19 tuntia sitten
I assumed you were talking about maybe getting a new hairstyle.
Brandon Harrison
Brandon Harrison 19 tuntia sitten
Do you think both bible's speak the truth? 2 sides same coin
Brandon Harrison
Brandon Harrison 19 tuntia sitten
God wins at the end. He is omnipresent, in the end of all religion
Fynnsternis 22 tuntia sitten
Repzion: "Look how bright it becomes" Me: there is cat in background omg look baby
Ashutosh Srivastava
Ashutosh Srivastava 23 tuntia sitten
Nero Diamante
Nero Diamante 23 tuntia sitten
When he said "because I care" "I've changed" he looks like a young ted bundy
James Black
James Black 23 tuntia sitten
Those shoes are ugly tho
Sirena Jenny
Sirena Jenny 23 tuntia sitten
i love these types of videos honestly. it’s honest, raw, and honestly i feel like it’s therapeutic in it’s own way for you. you can look back at these years down the line and have little videos(chapters if you will) showing how you got to where you got.
Phalvorantos Päivä sitten
this dude both looks and acts like an angrier ben shapiro
Nat White
Nat White Päivä sitten
Wow....Nathan Larson is brilliant.
Annmarie Myers
Annmarie Myers Päivä sitten
He’s on tiktok and now there’s people that are basically making his OG content on tiktok. It’s just people rating people but why in 2021 are people still doing this childish behavior and people are pretending that it’s different from what onison was doing and I see no difference. It’s a narcissist making people get validation from them
Sister Grace
Sister Grace Päivä sitten
You have passed the age of accountability, spreading lies is leading you straight to hell. It's evident you are not schooled on the Bible.
Behavior 20 tuntia sitten
Shade Emperor
Shade Emperor Päivä sitten
so what area of yellowstone can you theoretically get away with murder in
Robby Real 808
Robby Real 808 Päivä sitten
I present comrade from indonesia my friend 🌍🌎🌏
Comment Guy2021
Comment Guy2021 Päivä sitten
Wtf she weird asf
Darknorman 29
Darknorman 29 Päivä sitten
12:12 “WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!”
George Zaharoff
George Zaharoff Päivä sitten
Walk in peace my friend, whoever you are! When you go to an elephant sanctuary (I assume it will be in Thailand or Cambodia), you should look into spending a couple months in a Buddhist monastery. They monks will take you in without charge and you can teach them English in exchange.
David Schmidt
David Schmidt Päivä sitten
Dude, EXCELLENT! The way that you managed to refrain from the type of language I would have used deserves massive respect! ( I noticed a few times when you had to take a half-beat pause to check your language...GOOD JOB!!) You STILL got the message across in good style, loud and clear. A shame that this type of thing is what she needed a LONG TIME AGO!! ...and she talks about having hooked in the past...all I can say is that someone must have needed it BAD to have paid to hit that...I've seen horses with smaller asses than hers...and the last thing I don't get is...WHO THE HELL IS SHE CRYING TO?? To US?? The people out here at large? As if we care? You're right, the girls like her, who live on social media income while not actually doing anything that could be construed as providing a service or something of value, even if it's just intelligent or insightful commentary, really are ego-maniacs. Dear god, she has NO shame, no pride, no intelligence. She says she has no job skills? I can't imagine anything that could have stopped her from acquiring them (if she wanted to) other than her own laziness, and self-delusion that she's somehow too good to actually contemplate using them to WORK!! SO many members of the current generation, who grew up with the social media phenomena, and see people getting rich with almost no effort, if they just hit the right niche, are somehow morally weak and character-deficient. THAT'S why when they encounter a setback, they cry, scream and throw tantrums like this imbecile. BTW, you speak, when you get incensed, the same way I do. Luckily, in America, it's OK, because its understood. I've been living here in Thailand for the past 20 years. If you show the LEAST amount of passion in your speech, they think you're angry, which is socially unacceptable. If I talk about what an incredible engine I think the late-60s to mid-70s Dodge 440 Magnums were, I get excited, just like you did, but here, people would mistake that passion for anger. .... smh ..... It's hard living here sometimes, but when I watch vids like yours I feel a connection to home. I've bookmarked this page, and I'll look for more of your vids. New sub, right here.
al Päivä sitten
i love ur videos but everything about this one was beyond offensive up to the last second
Mana_Beast_Beats Päivä sitten
If this Karen was black she would have been dropped.
GX 420
GX 420 Päivä sitten
Thank you guys for hunting these demons. Stay safe. Praying for you and the victims and all children.
Mark6O9 Päivä sitten
He's still here surprisingly
Stingray Päivä sitten
For anyone watching this video many years later I want to say... If you didn't finish it please do. Repzion has good points during the video. Don't let the beginning confuse you... Also. This was many years ago and i believe some of his beliefs have matured but he makes good points even so. So hey, give him a chance.
WillieManga Päivä sitten
Onision: "Why are you interpreting this as me being racist." Also Onision: "I'm supposed to generalize."
road•kill Päivä sitten
It feels like my insides are on fire
Lissie M-Roberts
Lissie M-Roberts Päivä sitten
The best writers say to write what you know. Onision wrote himself as he knows himself to be, in every filthy detail. Granted he’s the cradle of idiocy, but I cannot fault this book or him for existing as a kind of terrible introspection.
Nan9311 Päivä sitten
I'm happy and proud of you...
WillieManga Päivä sitten
13:45 He's implying we're jealous again. Greg, when you finally delete your FIpost account, we won't be sad. We'll friggin rejoice.
WillieManga Päivä sitten
"You're all still in High School." Says the guy who wants to beat his critics up like he's some sort of Uwe Boll. The difference between Greg and Uwe Boll is that Uwe Boll is actually famous.
WillieManga Päivä sitten
"... scared of his own shadow." I would be too, if it were like the Shadows in Persona 4. And if it looked like you, Don Onision.
Eliana Boer
Eliana Boer Päivä sitten
It’s a United States thing.
Joe Jamros
Joe Jamros Päivä sitten
2021 has to be the best year because FIpost finally took action against Onision by demonetizing his channels for hate rants and multiple rule violations over the years and you are right, he abuses other FIpostrs for copyright strikes but he also copyright other people as well. Goodbye Onision, we don't miss you.
Chiot Päivä sitten
I grew up on the foothills of mount rainier! it is such a beautiful area to explore. Try some hikes on it when you have the chance, I know so many great places. The people on the other hand.. well I hope you have better luck finding friends. And I hope you keep enjoying yourself because it sounds like you’re thriving
LeviSquadReject Päivä sitten
An elephant sanctuary?! Hell yeah I’m so excited to join you on this journey man.
Ivan Arriaga
Ivan Arriaga Päivä sitten
Ffs shut the fck up
WillieManga Päivä sitten
Honestly, I don't get that meme on your mug. He's wearing a mask. Fight me. Or use the force on my neck if you prefer. Heh heh.
Cody Plant
Cody Plant Päivä sitten
You were introduced to me by Scott Kinmartin and Your apperence on LYGHO. I’m not on OG but I’ve been around a while. You’ve grown a lot, and here’s to your continued growth. Cheers 🍻
kim johnson
kim johnson Päivä sitten
Wow, I have the same exact issue with my puppy. When we adopted her she would go outside but then her incision opened after being spayed and then she had a cone on her head and we had to have her go on the wee wee pads to avoid her going up and down the stairs. Now that’s the only place she wants to go we’ve been trying everything to get her to go outside as it hasn’t been working... I feel your pain... Good recipe btw. 😂
Lazy Lexicographer1755
Lazy Lexicographer1755 Päivä sitten
Crazy to think this is over a decade old now...
Eurosceptic Päivä sitten
This is so sad. Your parents must be devastated.
Ubaid Parvaiz
Ubaid Parvaiz Päivä sitten
This is real scary as a muslim I don't want Sharia law.
UnKnowable Krypt
UnKnowable Krypt Päivä sitten
Nah this man Cody can’t take pranks
Kristina Marquez
Kristina Marquez Päivä sitten
Cool! I'm proud of u! U are my daughter's age. She turned 29 this past Nov.
KhabeeraSpeaks Päivä sitten
I found this wildly offensive lmao and for once it wasn’t because of onision.
Danny 2 päivää sitten
know yourself and your enemy and you will won everytime... thanks good refresher...
X304Odyssey 2 päivää sitten
If failure was money onion boy would be loaded. Two years on from this video being uploaded I bet onion boy still hasn't watched this video
Juliette Echo
Juliette Echo 2 päivää sitten
Mama Rep! ❤️
Ash Richards
Ash Richards 2 päivää sitten
I hope that the police will not forget to investigate his "friends"..