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JUDY 18 tuntia sitten
Go dad! Feel so bad for him. I never had a dad. These girls need to grow up . Life is to short. He is a good dad
Si Dunue
Si Dunue 18 tuntia sitten
Stay strong Nathan Larson! You are our hero!
Jonee Lillard
Jonee Lillard 18 tuntia sitten
This is the most rage-inducing video I've ever watched. thanks.
Vie 19 tuntia sitten
I know it's not the main point of the video, but with one thing onion boy is right .. we learned in school and in a self-defense class, that if you are in a situation where someone is trying to r*pe you and nothing else worked and you could not get away, you should absolutely try to pee on yourself or puke or whatever you can manage, because in that moment the only thing that matters is that your attacker either thinks it's disgusting and doesn't wanna touch you anymore or that the person is even just for a moment unsure of what to do, so that you can get up and run or scream etc. In that situation nothing is embarrassing if it saves you ! And in general never stop screaming and putting up a fight, even when you can't get away, because chances are, your attacker thinks you're to much of a hassle and someones eventually gonna hear you, so they might just leave you alone.
Rachel Sullivan
Rachel Sullivan 20 tuntia sitten
If you have such difficulty breathing with just a mask, you're gonna hate getting covid.
C H 20 tuntia sitten
This is actually untrue, Dangerousanalysis debunked you years ago. Yet this video is still up and unchanged. Also, wow such hostility towards religion. But let's not forget that this same guy currently has a [email protected], dishonest, cheating gf he supports, has sent his fans after small FIpostrs who called him out on lies he's said, and harassed a teen and threatened to bring him to court after exposing all of this information. You messed yourself over Repzion. You need Jesus. And to those who say God did this, this is Satan's doing. If you put forth all your belief into Jesus, and say the prayer of salvation, you will be saved and your sins forgiven. Yes, bad things happen sometimes, and still will as punishment for sin or for any reason we may not know. But things will get better with Jesus on your side. You can overcome anything. God always has a plan. God hates to see us suffer, hence when you reach the pearly gates, you will suffer no more. God bless you all, and I hope your hearts one day turn to Jesus. Amen. ♥️🙏
Tyler Turner
Tyler Turner 20 tuntia sitten
i was sexually abused when i was seven by an 11 yr old boy so i comepletely stand by all you said
Bella B
Bella B 21 tunti sitten
I know someone JUST LIKE THIS. It's disturbing and dangerous.
Sarah Dermody
Sarah Dermody 22 tuntia sitten
Omgosh I love this series idea and I'm off to watch the rest right now 😆
Derp Trollington
Derp Trollington 22 tuntia sitten
He reminds me of Tom Cruise.
The Angry Doughnut
The Angry Doughnut 22 tuntia sitten
usually, i criticize the parents for children like that. BUt man, i fee the bad for this dad.
Dave O
Dave O Päivä sitten
There’s a series in Onision’s life on Doscovery+. Wtf?
S.J. Fanning
S.J. Fanning Päivä sitten
She left him! Thank God!
S.J. Fanning
S.J. Fanning Päivä sitten
What are these new looks?
Isaiah Mcnutt
Isaiah Mcnutt Päivä sitten
f cj
Pepsi cola
Pepsi cola Päivä sitten
Somebody save him.
aporue 589
aporue 589 Päivä sitten
''I'm ol'gregg.''
Dino Dan
Dino Dan Päivä sitten
aporue 589
aporue 589 Päivä sitten
onion was such a incel. *cringes*
Charlotte W
Charlotte W Päivä sitten
He is terrifying and totally irredeemable. He will never change or even see how abusive he is. He is a shark. He should be arrested. Get him off the internet and for god's sake someone help that girl. She is not able to help herself at this time. He is destroying her.
Sk Art
Sk Art Päivä sitten
What made her become this way? That's ridiculous, get the f*** up off your butt and go to work like the rest of us....
Jay ONeal
Jay ONeal Päivä sitten
What I don’t understand is how there are no fathers of the girls who received the messages from him that didn’t pay him a visit?
Hi diddly Ho diddly
Hi diddly Ho diddly Päivä sitten
Literal definition of a bimbo Jesus.
Devil's Advocake
Devil's Advocake Päivä sitten
"Medicaid is for poor people" Little does she know, she's poor. Her DAD's rich, she is broke.
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Päivä sitten
You can’t just switch off your feelings of love after someone hurts & betrayed you. I feel bad for the younger sister. She’s the female Onion
Old Fashioned Man The U.S Conservative
Old Fashioned Man The U.S Conservative Päivä sitten
America really should bring back the whipping post bill and start corporally punishing men like this again, that would be REAL American conservatism!
Old Fashioned Man The U.S Conservative
Old Fashioned Man The U.S Conservative Päivä sitten
I feel bad for his girlfriend and shame on Josh if he sees or even hears all this happening and doesn't at least report it to the police if he's too much of a beta to step in and throw James head first into a tree! he's just as bad as James for allowing this and I hope he gets arrested too and very severely punished too! I don't care less how disabled he is!!
S.J. Fanning
S.J. Fanning Päivä sitten
Good God! Someone needs to get this girl out of there! I don’t know how but she needs help!
Susanne Buchholz
Susanne Buchholz Päivä sitten
She is dangerous because the majority of her followers are very young people, particularly girls. She should be deplatformed for a certain time.She is very sick and has a bad influence on her fans! It's all a vicious circle!
Rhia Päivä sitten
Why didn't she leave ir call the police..Drama
Koopaz Päivä sitten
Rebecca Ridgway
Rebecca Ridgway Päivä sitten
This is going to go on her criminal record and I’m glad.
Star lined
Star lined Päivä sitten
He says so much, but none of it makes any sense.
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora Päivä sitten
16:46 this is my biggest fear as a parent
Bren C.
Bren C. Päivä sitten
I really feel for the dad
Lucy Päivä sitten
The fact that she's a disgusting pathological liar aside.... *Why is she recording herself lying?* _Why is she posting the recording of herself lying to the internet??_ What is she hoping or trying to gain from this??? I-- wha---- _?????_
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Päivä sitten
This is one of the most human youtubers. Love it
Hanah Jackson
Hanah Jackson Päivä sitten
That shit is just so sad man.
Cavsome Sayre
Cavsome Sayre Päivä sitten
Dan Scnieder like your feet.
Joselyn Viveros
Joselyn Viveros Päivä sitten
6:36 my body took a screenshot
Onto3ma Päivä sitten
I get young adults are stupid but this is a new level
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Päivä sitten
Oh u don't even know. I work at a restaurant and i witness all sorts of new levels each and every day
King Silly
King Silly Päivä sitten
lol ethots crying they have to snap back into reality jajajaja
Marie Liana
Marie Liana Päivä sitten
At least her parents cared about her mental health. Mine don’t lol
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz Päivä sitten
I've been seeing comments of people comparing her to Casey Anthony and honestly the personality resemblance is uncanny with how she involved the police in this and not to mention the lack of remorse
Amber Klopsch
Amber Klopsch Päivä sitten
haha reminds me of Patrick Starr from Spongebob eating a Krabby Patty at 3am! LOL
Ashton Päivä sitten
The footage of her bts trying to get a perfect thumbnail photo is making my teeth itch
Teresa Horner
Teresa Horner Päivä sitten
So why don't you remove your own videos say you you were mean and then you won't have to worry about it?
Teresa Horner
Teresa Horner Päivä sitten
Did she make any videos in between her gas besides the drunk Lynn one? She is co-dependent and everyone she gets with is also. She needs someone who will tell her no. No, I'm not driving to go out and eat. No, I'm not buying crap at Walmart. No, I'm not participating in your destruction. Thing is she would drop that person in a heartbeat for not catering to her wants. A significant other is supposed to make you a better you. None of hers have and vice versa. She has never helped her gfs become a better person.
Jodecy Vercouteren
Jodecy Vercouteren Päivä sitten
ok I'm now 13:38 in and I gotta say this whole house hold is full of narcissists the father shouldn't have yelled at her like that he got what was coming to him and this vile lady here is getting what she deserves she belongs to the streets
Kelsey _
Kelsey _ Päivä sitten
I’m not a good cook at all.. but the salmon seasoning??? Wtf like why would you ruin a piece of yummy fish with a bunch of fucking powder
Marnie Kilbourne
Marnie Kilbourne Päivä sitten
You can get your point across without swearing constantly. I turned it off halfway through.
Mehayla-Marie Parks
Mehayla-Marie Parks 2 päivää sitten
the dad is being hella reasonable making some solid ass points
Lit LaFete Pinball - Meme Page For Kids
Lit LaFete Pinball - Meme Page For Kids 2 päivää sitten
Alex: His chioud fell out the window.... And he feeoumed it
RhinoNutts505 2 päivää sitten
Wtf! His monetization is back
Zuzu Fleur
Zuzu Fleur 2 päivää sitten
@23:09 why the fuck don't you know how to say Adolf LOL
Rat God
Rat God 2 päivää sitten
I get what you're saying, most people do. I hope you took a break after this. you shouldn't stoop to his level. you don't need to explain yourself. onion explains himself, just not to minors which is why he got away with it and prayed upon them
BrodyGT 2 päivää sitten
hey brother say la i la ha ila lah muhhamadara sullulah 😶
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 päivää sitten
They’re making themselves obsolete by going after the FIpostrs & engaging in click bait. The ONLY THING that the mainstream media has over new tech is the trust & reputation built up over decades of reporting & they’ve all but destroyed that by trying to get down in the muck so they can fling it at the competition
Anastacia Diaz
Anastacia Diaz 2 päivää sitten
Lmao the positivity in the guy is amazing that's a true form of "kill them with kindness" I love it!!!😂😂
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 päivää sitten
If I had the money I’d pay you to take a day off because making people happy makes me the most happy* (despite your stupid baby Yoda click bait). Unfortunately for both of us, I don’t. * not *that* way but no shade on your kink
Scootchie and Boo
Scootchie and Boo 2 päivää sitten
She is the definition of toxic. She lied about her safety, and exaggerated her dads weapons to ruin his life.
NoelDraws 2 päivää sitten
"All the mistakes I've made in my life" "Mistakes"? You don't just trip over your shoelace, kiss a child, and say "oopsie" and it's alright. Girl knew what she was doing from the jump, guaranteed
Prince IQ
Prince IQ 2 päivää sitten
2020: The real final fall of Onision.
shaggy bear
shaggy bear 2 päivää sitten
When women,girls ask why its so hard to be believed when they come forward about abuse... They need to look at this girl and amber heard and go... Ohhhhh
Charley Meow
Charley Meow 2 päivää sitten
She's so obsessed with sodium but not anything else
Matti Hayman
Matti Hayman 2 päivää sitten
Moon Memento
Moon Memento 2 päivää sitten
it was bound to happen... lol
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
Wait a minute, this is an ARG actually. Think about it. Personality on the internet, openly dysfunctional family (dispite no one online knowing who they are irl) put in immediate danger for the audience to gawk at. It's all fictional. Like a stageplay on the internet.
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
Her twitter account "playmatetessi" was also barren until September 15th 2020. She really came out of nowhere. She had no coverage until the cancer controversy.
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
The character's name is Mya I guess
SkyTwerp 2 päivää sitten
What's especially unusual is how the girl's streaming cost her father his job, even though nobody knows who these people are. Unless she sent the stream link to her father's employer herself, it just doesn't make sense. All we have to identify these people are faces without names.
Some Dude
Some Dude 2 päivää sitten
Yeap, he's a satanist, no wonder why his life spins around videogames and pop culture.
MrRellics 2 päivää sitten
I can smell some fresh Dr Phil content coming soon....
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 2 päivää sitten
Countdown to the Only Fans launch starting now...
Ruth Thinking, Outside.
Ruth Thinking, Outside. 2 päivää sitten
I LOVE the little guys you made!! They’re fantastic! I make sculpture sometimes and I used to work with a famous local sculptor he made welding pieces like yours but BIG for the yard.. I hope you keep making them!! I’d be willing to bet that you getting all that cash for legal fees shot down his plans at the time to pursue things further because you could out spend him all day with Atty’s 😁 And was a big shot in the ego that you had so much support.. lol
Melissa Russell
Melissa Russell 2 päivää sitten
They pay for their obedience... that's what abusive people do. That keeps kids quiet about what's really happening... I was abused...
Melissa Russell
Melissa Russell 2 päivää sitten
They may not get foodstamps but ppl still use their money so they can have a house. What's the difference. They're still being supported...
Leah Markel
Leah Markel 2 päivää sitten
Hi there new sub here!😊 Found your channel thru the Onion rabbit hole * or should I say shithole* Keep up the great work. I appreciate anyone that is willing to stand up for anyone in a victims position.
waffledude111111 2 päivää sitten
"i have a condition so i can't wear a mask", well let's see the papers or proof that you actually can't.
Melissa Russell
Melissa Russell 2 päivää sitten
I ended up homeless a few yrs ago and I have PTSD and anxiety. Those were the reasons why my sister got my kids. I couldn't do enough to get them back. My sister treats my kids the same way as they treat Cody... It's really heartbreaking when u can't do anything for them...
Fenyx Rosales
Fenyx Rosales 2 päivää sitten
Mindofrez did the same thing it not harm taking a shit
SLIME GANG MEDIA 2 päivää sitten
What a shitty dad
KAT 2 päivää sitten
I hated onion boi the first day i found him..... why did all this justice take so long....